‘You are today where your thoughts have brought you ;You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.’

Based on a true story; SAM

When I was seven years old, my best friend was Sam. His mother constantly berated him in public. ‘you’re a very naughty boy’ was one of her favourite affirmations about him, along with ,’You never get anything right’ and ‘The older you get,the worse you get!’

‘He’s always causing trouble’, she would tell her friends and family. Sam’s father, however, saw him differently. He was proud of Sam-Sam was the apple of his eye. He would affirm, ‘He’s a little angel’ and ‘He’ll make his mark in life- he’s a really bright boy.’

Few people noticed that when Sam was around his father he was in fact, a perfect angel and was very polite, just the way his father described him. When he was around his mother, however, he was the terror she expected him to be . Sam was living up to each of his parents affirmations of him by acting out their expectations. When Sam was eight years old his father was killed in a car accident; after that Sam’s mother raised him on her own. Her negative affirmations about him became more frequent and he lived up to every one of them. Before long he was affirming them to himself.

When he was 12 years old, he was asked to leave school because he was ‘undesirable’. His mother’s negative affirmations about him ‘become  a menace to society’. At age 21 he was jailed for 3 years for drug-trafficking. On his release, he left Australia to become a mercenary in Africa and lived out his self image of himself as a ‘terrorist’. At age 27 he was killed in a gunfight in Nigeria.

This story is important because it shows how we will live up to the affirmation of our significant others, whether those affirmations about us are positive or negative. We also live up to the expectations that we have of ourselves and that we consciously or subconsciously repeat to ourselves with our daily affirmations.



Source: the answer by Allan & Barbara Pease



Content by,Sharumila

Edited by,annha

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