World Quran Hour


When was the last time you picked up a Quran and gave it a read? For some, it may have been this morning, for others, it could’ve been a year ago, and it would probably be common to know that some Muslims haven’t touched the Quran in a decade.

It may sound depressing, but it may be a cold hard truth that we must acknowledge. It is a problem that we must solve. It is the responsibility of all Muslims, regardless of status or position, to tackle it. Be it student or lecturer, this is a growing problem for Muslims, because in this modern age of heavy internet exposure, we may as well be fed with lies that we assume are truths, and push away the truths that are mistook for lies.
That’s one of the reasons World Quran Hour was started. It’s not just an event, it’s an initiative. An initiative to get everyone to “get closer and interact” with the Quran. The motion has been brightening up Malaysia since 2013.
Dato’ Hussamuddin Yaacub, owner of Karangkraf, mentioned a number of modern day issues regarding the weaknesses in Malaysia’s society, one of them being flawed with having little appreciation and practice of morals. He continued that this is a saddening issue seeing as that the Islamic society was well known and praised for having high and respectable morals. In fact, high moral values were what attracted so many followers to Islam in the first place. With an increasing number of social issues such as school bullying, abortions and so on, it is evident that our society is slowly losing grasp of our morals and ethics.
Dato Hussamuddin hopes that the World Quran Hour program will change that. The program aims to maximize exposure between society and the Al-Quran. By maximizing exposure, it does not only mean to encourage society to read beautiful, unique Arabian characters, but also to understand the meanings behind them and apply the teachings in day to day life.
UNITEN is in full support of this program, and will be partaking in the motion. UNITEN also invites you to join the wave! The second best thing about this program is, you can take part in it, even at home! But for those of you who need to get some exercise, we will see you at the UNITEN Mosque, 9:00AM on the 9th of September, 2016.

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