Winning MVPs : Octa-Challenge Cup

KAJANG,  9th January – The Octa-Challenge Cup by UNITEN Basketball Club has gathered the participation of 8 basketball teams competing to emerge as champion. Such teams include IUKL, FIRST CITY GRIFFIN, UNITEN, MMU, BUFFALO, SSYC, BL MACHINERY and MON-U.

This competition took place at the UNITEN Basketball Court and was sponsored by MCA Youth and UNITEN. This group stage of the competition took place between 22nd of December 2016 and 4th of January 2017, where 4 teams will compete in the semi-finals.

The final match took place on 9th January 2017, with UNITEN and BUFFALO made it to the final stage. The first quarter and second quarter went smoothly for the UNITEN team where they lead by 8 and 10 points respectively against BUFFALO, but BUFFALO manage to make a comeback during the third quarter by leading 6 points against UNITEN, the score was 52:48. The last quarter was an intense fight between both teams as the momentum got stronger, but the UNITEN team managed to win over their opponent with one point at the last 2 seconds of this quarter. The final score was 69:68, making UNITEN the champion of this competition for its second year.

\”I\’m glad that the UNITEN basketball club had successfully organised this tournament. I really enjoyed the game to its fullest. Both teams were in their best spirit in the final round and I think luck was on our side this time round. A tournament is not just an avenue of fame, but it also makes our life more memorable as along the way, I make new friends as well.\” said the Captain of the UNITEN team, Kenny Teo.

The OCTA-Challenge Cup ended with the prize giving ceremony presented by the advisor of the UNITEN Basketball Club, Dr. Chow Ming Fai. The first and second runner-ups of the competition goes to BUFFALO and BL MACHINERY respectively.

We at NADi UNITEN would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the UNITEN Basketball team for your achievement and we wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

By : Gan Zhi Han and Heng Penghui


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