What is sustainability?


Sustainable is something that can be maintained.

It is “supportable” and “proficient of being continued at a particular level”. As a result, sustainability can be how something is kept at a certain level. Sustainability urges individuals, governments, and corporations to make choices based on the long term. In this way, acting sustainably incorporates choices way into the future in decades rather than monthly or even annually and grants more advantage than damage.

One of the significant transformations involving sustainability is building sustainable cities.

Sustainable cities can be acknowledged as capitals that have stable social, economic and environmental performances. They have excellent records when it comes to minimised air pollution, easy access of public transportation, the number of professionals and employability rate, the portion of green spaces, energy waste or access to clean water. Sustainable cities are to adequately be equipped to face the hurdles of city areas as a community grows, and as environment transformation gets more frequent and extreme.

Did you know that Taiping, Perak had been recognised as among the top three sustainable cities in the world last year?

Famously known as Peninsular Malaysia’s wettest town among the locals, Taiping conquered the third place, behind Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and Vancouver, Canada in the “Best of Cities” category, which grants cities that show initiative in urban sustainability and in evading disruptive over-tourism.

The honour was awarded during the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at the International Tourismus-Börse (ITB) travel trade show in Berlin, Germany.

One of the main reasons was due to Taiping city planning. It consists some of the areas that are well protected by making into a permanent eco-tourism centre such as the Mature Solid Forests, Dew Village, Kuala Sepetang, Kuala Trong, Bukit Larut, Taiping Lake Park, Taiping Zoo & Night Safari and Batu Kurau.

Besides that, Taiping also has previously been recognised as the Best Destination Manager 2016 by the Tourism Promotion Board for the Asia Pacific; besides having received the Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2017 in Best Heritage and Eco Travel Destination Category and Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2018 for the Best Tourism Promotion Campaign.

Here’s yet another interesting trivia – Taiping produced Malaysia’s first newspapers in English, Malay and Tamil!

With so much history backing verdant Taiping, not to mention its good food and quaint architecture, it is no surprise that the town’s value is being appreciated and widely recognised also Taiping should be on must-visit vacation spots for those who travel in Malaysia .


Written by:

Rubeni Sinappan

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