Welcoming Day – UNITEN Chinese Culture Club



KAJANG, 11th June – A Welcoming Day by the Chinese Culture Club was held at the Leisure Hall on the 8th of June. A total of 65 students participated in this event which lasted from 12pm to 6pm. The Welcoming Day was held to welcome the new students as well as to foster relations among those who participated.

The event started off with an opening speech by the club’s advisor, Madam Chong Pui Yee, who expressed her joy at seeing participation from students of all ethnics. \”This club is a not club just for Chinese students. It\’s main goal is fostering appreciation of Chinese Culture.\” said Madam Chong. 

The students were then split into groups for a short icebreaking session. The main highlight of the event was undoubtedly the station games that commenced shortly after the ice breaking session. There were a total of six stations which the participants had to go through to collect points. The games were Memory Bomb, Blind Walking, Captain Ball, Story Telling, Ahgong and Ahma and Squat Counting. Each game was a battle of wits and brawn.





What seemed like the main events was actually a build up for the end game aptly called the “Final Game”. The points collected throughout the games were used as a currency to buy “power cards” that can be used during the game. The “Final Game” was a four way battle between all the teams. The rules were simple: use the ball to push the box into the goal of the opposing team to decrease their health. The event ended with a simple prize giving ceremony with team Bikini Bottom taking home the first prize.


Teng, one of the participants, expressed his joy: “It is fun to see many ethnic groups taking part in this event and it is also nice to see so many foundation students being so active to join this event. I really like how the CCS committee had the courtesy to speak in dual language to cater to non-Chinese speakers so that everyone could take understand the proceedings. The games were also well planned and were very interesting but the time management and explanation for game sessions could improve more.”

Chew Hui Qian, the Chinese Culture Club President said “The participation this year was better than expected. I’m very delighted to see more participation from the other ethnic groups. We hope to always welcome them in our future events to understand more about Chinese culture. The Chinese Culture Club is also having its 20th anniversary this year so we hope that we can organise some memorable events this year for everyone.”



Written by : Andrew Chan

Edited by: Rayden Sia

Photo Source : Chinese Culture Society

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