Weekly Meeting 8: “PROGRESS REPORT!”

This is SRC’s 8th weekly meeting that took place on Thursday, 8th June 2023 at 9:30PM using Microsoft Teams as their meeting platform. The discussion includes the Prasarana Input Discussion, Manifesto Progress Update, Townhall Discussion, UITS Progress Update, Club fiesta Discussion and Miscellaneous topics. Enjoy the updates!

Prasarana Input Discussion

The Prasarana slides have been prepared and should be reviewed by all SRC members before the meeting. This year and the upcoming Prasarana meeting will use a different approach by proposing or solve any issues by SRC’s effort and propose it during the meeting. For example, Thareeq has consulted a constructor to provide a 3D drawing to construct rooftop for the motorcycle parking at Amanah, in which the blueprint will be forwarded during the Prasarana meeting for further action.

There are total of 5 proposals that will be presented during the meeting which include foodbank, rooftop for motorcycle parking at Amanah, Pop Box, Sports Arena booking system and Ultras. There are a total of 4 different departments that will present during meeting that includes TESC, FMS, ITMS and Finance. The mock presentation for the Prasarana meeting will conduct soon.

Manifesto Progress Update

Each manifesto progress can be monitored via the ScoreCard MPP 2022 (under “5. STRATEGIC PLANNING>Manifesto & Scorecard”). The following list are the SRC members and their progress with their manifesto:


  • Manifesto 1: Incomplete – can be achieved via well executed IEEE program (IYouTech), with the collaboration of UNITEN clubs.
  • Manifesto 2: Completed – via Madrasah Ramadan.
  • Manifesto 3: Incomplete – push for Engineering Week, get updates from Ammar, UCA Career Fair and PELITAWANIS’s cannot be considered.
  • Manifesto 4: In Progress – via Club Fiesta.


  • Manifesto 1: Completed – via Prasarana Meeting, can add more initiatives.
  • Manifesto 2: Incomplete – similar to Ash’s Manifesto 3.
  • Manifesto 3: Incomplete – conduct survey for tahfiz students for the upcoming 2 semesters.
  • Manifesto 4: In Progress – via UITS.


  • Manifesto 1: Incomplete – similar to Ash’s Manifesto 3.
  • Manifesto 2: In Progress – via UITS.
  • Manifesto 3: Incomplete – via Townhall.


  • Manifesto 1: Completed – in-line with Thareeq’s manifesto.
  • Manifesto 2: Incomplete.
  • Manifesto 3: Completed – via Semester milestone and #KITAINTERAKSI.


  • Manifesto 1: Completed – bus route poster at each bus stop.
  • Manifesto 2: Incomplete – proposal is required.
  • Manifesto 3: Incomplete – via Townhall.


  • Manifesto 1: Incomplete – via Townhall.
  • Manifesto 2: Incomplete – via meeting will all disabled students (Action: liaise with Thareeq to set date).
  • Manifesto 3: Completed.
  • Manifesto 4: Completed.
  • Manifesto 5: Completed.
  • Manifesto 6: Incomplete – in-line with Farhan’s Manifesto 2.
  • Manifesto 7: Completed.
  • Manifesto 8: Completed.
  • Manifesto 9: Incomplete – Action: Follow-up with the IRC regarding the Funzone and Esport Hub.
  • Manifesto 10: Incomplete – new coffee vendor at UPTEN (Action: boost their marketing).


  • Manifesto 1: Completed – via Gym renovation (Action: follow-up), badminton court permanent lining at DSS.
  • Manifesto 2: Completed – via Club Fiesta.
  • Manifesto 3: Incomplete – can be achieved via Club Leaders Conference, but Laila chose not to organise it. Therefore, can be achieved via Townhall.
  • Manifesto 4: Incomplete – via Kejohanan Olahraga (formerly as Annual Sports Day) and Culture Night (in collaboration with ISS, no update on the event.


  • Manifesto 1: Incomplete – College Representative Council.
  • Manifesto 2: Incomplete – via Townhall.
  • Manifesto 3: Incomplete – laundromat and food vendor.
  • Manifesto 4: Completed – via Semester milestone, website report section, SRC office operation, #KITAINTERAKSI.


  • Manifesto 1: Incomplete – approach current vendor, or outside vendor to operate at night.
  • Manifesto 2: Completed – via Prasarana meeting.
  • Manifesto 3: Completed – via Prasarana meeting (Action: Determine which issue/matter that is related to improving the quality and quantity of the facilities.
  • Manifesto 4: Incomplete – via Bakti Siswa.

Townhall Discussion

The discussion is in-line with the 5 manifestos. The date for the discussion will take place on Saturday, 29th July 2023 during the short semester. All the SRC members except Laila will be present and invite the future SRC candidates or SRC executive. There will be a sponsor bus for Rasydan to participate the Townhall event. Either Ammar or Ali will be the director for this townhall however, they must confirm with the PELITAWANIS Program first. Farhan will be appointed as the vice director.

UITS Progress Update

The proposal from the committee must be submit by 16th June 2023 and the deadline to submit the proposal to JHEP by 19th June 2023. Follow-up the proposals with Ashwathi by 16th June 2023.

Club Fiesta Discussion

The proposal for the Club Fiesta has been rejected and a special discussion with Laila will be conducted. The main reason why Club Fiesta has been rejected is due to students’ fund channel to the celebrities, whereas those huge funds should be channelled back to the students. The alternative would be to propose the concept of Premier Concert that would not involve outside celebrities but involves with ASTENA and exchange performance from other universities. Other alternatives would be to create a two separate event which is Premier Concert and Club Fiesta which allows the UNITEN students to open food vendors during the Club Fiesta. The other plan is the outside vendor opens Food Fest with RM4,000.00 incentive for about 15 to 20 booth and canopy.


The following 5 SRC members in Selangor which is Thareeq, Ashwathi, Irham, Ali and Ammar should participate for the CC and MSA’s event. Katiravan should Follow-up with TESC regarding the Olahraga proposal.

Written By: Muhamad Aiman Bin Sahharon (SW01083101)

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