Weekly Meeting 7: “Moving Forward”

This is SRC’s 7th weekly meeting that took place on Thursday, 16th of February 2024 at 10:00PM in Microsoft Teams. The agendas included discussion regarding upcoming student orientation, progress update and postmortem of the 3P Workshop. The agendas included Key Performance Indicator (KPI) list for all SRC and progress updates.

Meeting Summary:

Discussion Regarding MPP KPI:

  1. The President announced the release of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) list for all SRC members.
  2. Emphasized that individual performance will be assessed based on this KPI at the end of the year.

Progress Updates:


  • Completed all assigned tasks.
  • Currently working on the proposal for Club Fiesta 2.0.


  • All four CSR proposals are ready for review.
  • Submitted Parliament Proposal to HEP.
  • Townhall proposal expected to be completed within two days.


  • Ordered orientation kit.
  • Allocated funds for Club Fiesta.
  • Submitted proposal for “Barang Keperluan.”


  • Successfully completed all assigned poster tasks.

Elysa Natasha:

  • Discussed the design of the new Infiniterm bot logo.

Vishnu Ram:

  • MOM’s (Minutes of Meetings) are near completion.
  • Finished all assigned letters.
  • Engaged in CCI Awards preparation.
  • Completed Tentative Bonding Exec tasks.
  • Currently working on the Townhall proposal.

This report encapsulates the discussions and task updates from the 7th weekly meeting of the SRC, focusing on MPP KPI and task progress.

Prepared By: Muhamad Nur Zaim Bin Omar (Head of Corporate Affairs)

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