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CHERAS, 18 December – We Are For You, or known as VR4U, is a CSR project organised by the UNITEN Table Tennis Club (UTTC) with the help of Chin Student Organisation (CSO). A total of 66 of the refugees and 7 committee members of UTTC took part in this event. The main objective of this event is to give participants exposure on table tennis and make this sport as one of their hobby. Also, by organizing this event, the members of UTTC are able to help the society around Selangor area.

The Chin live in the highlands of western Myanmar, near the Indian border. Believed to be of Mongolian descent, they made their way to Burma after journeying through China. There are many tribes within Chin society, each with their own dialects and cultural traditions. The Chin State has the highest rate of poverty in Myanmar. The Chin are subjected to religious suppression, forced labour, and human rights violations. Many Chin escape to Malaysia to seek refugee status with the United Nations. There are 42,710 Chins living in Malaysia. As refugees, they wait to be relocated to western countries – sometimes up to five years.

In this event, UTTC had organized some games that involve table tennis balls to let them know more about table tennis.  UTTC has bought stationary for their study purpose too.

“It was a privilege to be able to bring smiles to the refugees’ faces, I think this initiative shouldn’t be limited to just charity organizations, but also to spread this initiative to their communities too.” said the programme director of VR4U, Chia Ying Yuen.

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Note : This article is brought to you by the UNITEN Table Tennis Club (UTTC)

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