Wash Your Hands

Malaysia is a big country, and normally is filled with various interesting activities and events. However, ever since the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, started infecting people all around the world, the entire globe has seized almost all activities and have been on controlled lockdown. Although our nation has been excellent at handling this pandemic, it is starting to get out-of-hand again. After many days of having few-to-no cases in Malaysia, the Covid-19 virus is increasingly spreading again. The main spread started at Sabah, and has now made its way to the Peninsular of Malaysia. As of recently, the number of Covid-19 cases has peaked to its highest, which was a total of 317 new cases on the 3rd of October 2020. As many Malaysians are now cautious, we still have to fight this 2nd wave of Covid-19 with more secured and effective methods. If we do not take this seriously, it could lead to a catastrophe. The government has brought back the curfew which is at 11p.m every day. Although the announcement of another major lockdown is yet to come, many citizens are already ready to stay at home. Major companies and industries are also already deploying their employees to start working from home. As the government is currently unstable, it depends on the citizens of this country to enforce the law and stop the spread of this deadly coronavirus.

Written by, Arveen Anbarasan

Proofread by, Ahmad Nuruddin bin Azhar

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