Wanita Anda Bukan Sekadar Sekuntum Bunga (WAIMA)

By: Nur Lailatul Qadriah

19 March 2021 – “I am a woman / Phenomenally / Phenomenal woman / That’s me,” wrote Maya Angelou in her poem, Phenomenal Woman on combating the societal expectation of how a woman should be. Last Friday, UNITEN’s very own Volunteers for UNITEN Club (Volten Club) had brought to us the same topic into discussion in a virtual talk called “Wanita Anda Bukan Sekadar Sekuntum Bunga (WAIMA), made possible via Microsoft Teams. With over 80 participants, the programme marked the first event of 2021 organized by the Volten Club.

The talk, held in conjunction with the International Women’s Day, was aimed to shed light on matters of importance revolving women worldwide such as the fight against stigma of traditional gender roles together with the challenges faced along the way, self-confidence as an empowerment tool, and more. Headlining as the speaker of the night was our own Counsellor of the Student Guidance Unit, Madam Zuraini, awing the audience with her charms, wisdom, and heartwarming personal anecdotes. “Women, although often associated with the delicateness of flowers, are also strong in their own ways; for flowers are able to withstand strong forces to bloom”, she quoted. She started with sharing about the inspirations behind the established woman she had become today despite the hardships throughout the journey. Through her personal and professional experiences, Madam Zuraini had portrayed how women’s battles may vary but the strength to prevail was both admirable and ought to be highlighted. Emphasizing on how one’s own perception of oneself is vital for self-empowerment, she also added that when it comes to perceiving perceptions, it was always best to align ours first.

The programme, officiated by Dr. Husni Bte Mohd Radzi, started at 8PM and wrapped up at 10PM. Volten Club, among others in UNITEN, had done an excellent job in organizing insightful programmes dissecting today’s prevalent topic despite virtually and at the comfort of our homes proving that where there is a will, there is a way. We hope to see more talks in the likes of this one in the future.

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