UNITENWOW 4.0: The Legacy Continues

PUTRAJAYA, 2 DECEMBER – UNITENWOW 4.0: The Legacy Continues was held at UPTEN, UNITEN Putrajaya on the 29th and 30th November 2016 from 5pm to 10pm for both days. This event was organised by SRC UNITEN in collaboration with Emceevengers and Skuad Media UNITEN for the fourth time. The event was attended mainly by UNITEN students.


The two days event consisted of WOW Club and WOW Talent which were joined by clubs and performers from UNITEN. WOW Club gave a chance to all clubs in UNITEN to promote themselves to new students as well as generate income through sales and games. Meanwhile, WOW Talent created a platform for clubs and performers to show off their talents on stage.

One of the main attractions for the event was FIFA Online 3 Exhibition Cup, a new e-gaming element newly implemented, which offered a total prize of RM1900. \”Tanya Uniten\” was also held where Amar Amjad, President of SRC UNITEN,¬†answered questions from UNITEN students on the first evening. The questions were selected from Twitter, where #TanyaUniten was used as the hashtag.

On the 30th November, UNITENWOW\’s very own Mannequin Challenge was recorded and it was met with strong support from the crowd attending the event at the time. Special awards were also awarded to a few clubs, \”The Most WOW Club\” award was given to SEALS UNITEN for their achievement in \”Project PAPLET\”, which had successfully left their names written on the Malaysian Book of Records. Meanwhile,¬†\”The Most WOW Achievement Club\” was received by none other than \”Kelab Debat Bahas Bahasa Melayu\” for their win in \”Debat Belia 2.0\”, while finally, \”The Most WOW Booth Club\” was bestowed upon PRS for their beautifully decorated booth.


\”UNITENWOW 4.0 helped us to build trust between club members as we all worked together to plan, decorate and manage our booth,\” said Nur Ezarin binti Noor Hisham, Registrar & Media of Taekwando Club.

Overall, UNITENWOW 4.0 was met with happy reviews and faces.

\”UNITENWOW 4.0 has improved lot since the last UNITENWOW,\” said Nur Syafiqah binti Norshah, President of Integrity Club.

Written by: Nurul Aimi Athirah binti Juarimi

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