UNITEN\’s \”F4\” Floors the Floorball Open


PUTRAJAYA, 30th November- UNITEN became host to Floorball: 3on3 UNITEN Floorball Open 2016, which was held at Dewan Seri Sarjana (DSS), UNITEN on the 26th and 27th November, which was organised by UNITEN Floorball Club for its first time. This open was participated by 31 teams, where 21 teams took part in the men\’s category and 10 teams participated in the women\’s category. Representatives from UNITEN comprised 7 men\’s and 4 women\’s teams respectively.

This tournament was opened to universities and private floorball clubs nationwide. Among the institutions that took part were IUKL, GMI, UNIKl, KUIS and private clubs nationwide, particularly that of Penang and Johor. UNITEN\’s \”F4\” team was crowned champion for men\’s category while second, third and fourth places were won by \”Adhoc\”, a private club from Johor, \”Private Team\” from GMi and \”NexTer\”, a private club from Selangor, respectively.

For the women\’s category. \”8ight\”, a private club from Johor, was hailed champion while the first, second and third runner ups went to \”Wassabe\” from Kuala Lumpur, \”Black Swan\”, from Johor and \”Private Team Girl\” from GMi.



Besides, topscorers were awarded as well, with Tristan James from \”1 Malaysia\”, a private club from Penang who scored 23 goals for men\’s category and Izzah from \”Black Swan\”, a private club from Johor, with 14 goals for women\’s category. All the prizes were presented by Mr. Mohd Hafidz bin Zainal Abidin, Vice President of the Malaysian Floorball Club and Madam Sarah, the Treasurer of the Kuala Lumpur Floorball Club.

\”I think that 3on3 UNITEN Floorball Open 2016 is one of the successful floorball tournament in Malaysia as it received positive feedbacks from the participants and I really encourage this kind of event for the advantages that it brings. This event has strengthen the relationship between players from all over Malaysia.\” said Muhammad Emir Bin Badrul Hisham, Vice President of UNITEN\’s Floorball Club and one of the team members of F4.

UNITEN Floorball Club has continuously made us proud with their achievements since their establishment in 2014. On behalf of NADi, we hope that UNITEN Floorball Club will continue to shine with achievements in tournaments and in conducting future events.

Written by : Nurul Aimi Athirah binti Juarimi and Daniel Haziq bin Razol Mahari

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