UNITEN Student Tops Present Around the World 2017


PUTRAJAYA, JUNE 1st – After winning the University level of IET’s Present Around The World 2017, Koguleshun Subramaniam emerged victorious as he represented IET UNITEN On Campus to compete in the Malaysia finals of Present Around The World 2017 in Heriot-Watt University, Putrajaya against eight other universities: Asia Pacific University, Heriot-Watt University, Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Multimedia University Melaka, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak, UCSI University, University of Southampton Malaysia and Universiti Tun Abdul Rahman On Campuses. Organised by the IET Young Professional Section Malaysia Network on the 13th May this year, the panel for the competition consisted of three judges: Leow Shoun Ying (Current Chairperson of YPS), Dr Baskaran Kasi and Ir. Amir Farid who are also committee members of the YPS.



The competition required the participants to deliver a presentation regarding their respected topics, of which the sequence of which participants would present were drawn by the participants themselves. Being the first contestant, Koguleshun set a very high benchmark with his presentation for the competition at 9.15am, titled “Waste to Wealth: Eco-catalyst for Biodiesel Production”. The presentation topic was part of Koguleshun’s Master research project which is currently on-going. The 10 minutes presentation was then followed by a 5 minutes Q&A session. Other topics presented by other participants include Fusion Energy, Neural Networks, Bisphenol A, Magnetic Levitation, Neural Machine Translation, Nanoelectronics and Quantum Computation.

Koguleshun will be representing Malaysia to compete in IET’s Present Around The World Asia Pacific Region 2017, competing with country representatives within the Asia Pacific region. Koguleshun is also a step closer to earning a ticket to UK for the grand final and also having the chance to bring home an amount of 1000 British pounds, equalling a whopping RM5500. After winning, Koguleshun expressed feelings of gratefulness. \”I feel that the IET Present Around The World competition gave a platform for me to showcase and further develop my presentation skills. I would like to thank the UNITEN IET On Campus committees and advisers for giving me this opportunity.\”


Koguleshun also would like to invite fellow students of UNITEN to participate in similar events. \”I urge all UNITEN students no matter undergraduates or postgraduates to take part in these kind of competitions to further develop your presentation and soft skills as it serves as a very good platform for self development and preparation before entering the working world.\”

We from NADi would like to give a huge round of applause on your achievement and we wish you all the best in IET’s Present Around The World Asia Pacific Region 2017. May you remain victorious!





Written by: Anonymous

Photo Source: Dr Susan Tiang of IET YPS

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