UNITEN Public Forum on Energy and Sustainability


Energy and sustainability:
Trend, Technology and Impacts
In conjunction with UNITEN International Advisory Council (UIAC) Meeting

“Inventing is a gift from mankind, but what about sustaining?”- Anonymous

KAJANG, 20th July 2017 – On the 19th July 2017, a public forum was held at Dewan Kuliah 1 (DK1), College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), UNITEN Putrajaya Campus. The forum primary focus is on energy and sustainability. Key components of energy such as its trend, technology and impacts were engaged to address sustainability issues. The forum was joined by notable experts in their field; Mr. Loo Kok Seng, Corporate Planning and Sustainability (TNB), Yang Bhg Dato’ Zuraidah Bt Atan (Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa, Professor Vassilios Agelidis (Technical University of Denmark) and Professor Dr. Zhu Qunzhi (Shanghai Technical University of Electrical Power China). These wide array of experts from all over the globe provides an interesting spectacle where different opinions and ideas collide creating a quality engaging forum.

The forum began with a presentation by Mr. Loo Kok Seng who heads the Corporate Planning and Sustainability in Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). Insights such as the UN Sustainability Development Goals, major trends changing the landscape, disruptive technologies, digital transformation and TNB’s digital utility journey were presented briefly by Mr. Loo. The second part of the forum was the open discussion session. They were spearheaded by three panelist experts which were Mr Loo, Professor Vassilios and Professor Dr. Zhu.

The public forum aimed not only to create a dynamic relationship between multiple organizations abroad but also to develop stringent research and quality development capabilities as well as exchanging of information in ensuring effective coping of energy and sustainability issues. Energy trilemma is a term that is quickly to various corners of the globe. Industries will not take this lightly as this concerns the future of the energy industries. The trilemma consists of energy equity, energy security and environmental sustainability.

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Tenaga Nasional Berhad has also taken the initiative of ensuring environmental sustainability by promoting green technology. TNB’s efforts to enhance the well-being of the people were realized by educating them on the benefits of Green technology and eco-friendly products. Tenaga Nasional Berhad is the main electricity supplier in Malaysia that is responsible to provide an affordable and reliable supply of electricity to the society. However Tenaga Nasional Berhad have faced several challenges over the past several year in the transformation programme by affecting the opportunities of new venture. The main disrupting technology that can be found in TNB are increase competitiveness in obtaining renewable energy, better efficiency in storing energy in batteries, the Internet-of-Things and innovation of smart product such as Smart Grid and Smart Cities.


TNB’s major transformation program, ‘Reimagining TNB’ is aiming at generating new venture opportunities by directly dealing with major challenges affecting electric utilities. University Tenaga Nasional relationship with TNB along with experts from different regions will be collaborating to find a long term solution to sustainability. Renewable energy will be the key to overcoming this crisis with the financial aspect being the only hurdle. A national implementation will certainly take time but nevertheless every small step is a step towards mitigating this conundrum.


Written by: Isaac Mohandas John

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