UNITEN Leaves their Colours at ‘Lock and Load 2016’

BUKIT JALIL, December 6th- The ‘Xtion Paintball’ paintball park was swarmed with over hundreds of people last Saturday, all of which were taking part in the ‘Lock and Load 2016’ event. The event, which had over 40 participating teams, started at 8 a.m. and ended after around Zuhr (2 p.m.) on the same day.

Teams of five were pitted against against each other in a ‘Capture the Flag’ type match. Participants were given 50 paint pellets for each match which had a time limit of five minutes. The tournament highlighted strategy and teamwork as there were two separate tasks to be achieved in a five minute match. Completing both objectives earned the team three points and getting shot would deduct from them one point. The points obtained in each match would carry on to the next and the team with the most points at the end of the event would win.

The gold medals went to “Kill Them All (KTA)”, an experienced private paintball team. Silver medals went to “Cereal Killer” and bronze medals went to 3rd and 4th placing teams “Red Hawk” and “Ace” respectively, which both happen to be comprised of ‘Universiti Tenaga Nasional’ (UNITEN) students.

Written by: Daniel Haziq Bin Razol Mahari

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