UNITEN in Asean University Games 2016 (AUG16)

\"aug16mascot\"SINGAPORE, 19th October 2016 – The ASEAN University Games (AUG)  is an biennial event participated by mostly all ASEAN member Universities and it is a good platform for ASEAN countries students to showcase their athletic ability and talent. AUG began in 1981 with Thailand becoming the first host of the games which makes this year\’s game the 18th edition .This year from July 9th to 19th,Singapore will be the host with all the events being centralized around the six universities, the games village will once again be hosted by the Nanyang Technological University who also hosted the Youth Games previously.

The Games was in the typical Singaporean fashion, efficient and systematic according to one of the Malaysian delegation, Professor Dr. Mohd. Zamri bin Yusoff.  \”During the games, the two weeks period, of course everything is roughly,generally is systematic.\”

UNITEN was also involve in the games since one of UNITEN\’s student (UNITENians), Mohamad Intidzam bin Mohamad Noor, was one of the athlete of Petanque Men\’s Triple Events.He was able to win a bronze medal for Malaysia.



According to Professor Dr. Zamri bin Yusoff,hockey should have been one of sport listed in this year\’s AUG as it will enable more UNITENians to participate in the AUG. \”For some reasons Singapore decided not to list that (hockey) as one of event, those are one of the event that is certain we would win the gold medal.\”

Even with hockey not being apart of the list, Malaysia was still prolific winning medals. Winning gold in Badminton Men\’s Singles, Pencak Silat, Archery and many more events.


Despite that,the overall result of the games saw the AUG favourite, Indonesia wining first place followed by Thailand and Malaysia in second and third place respectively. Malaysia was able to win third place however saw them failed to achieve their target of 30 gold as they only won 27 gold.

AUG is not only a valuable platform for students to be expose in International Competition but also a great way to build networking according to Prof Zamri. Lastly, he also feel students should follow the attitude of Singaporean student, where they don\’t commit any acts of vandalism toward their University\’s facilities or infrastructure. An attitude he feels a 1st world mentality.





Full interview of Professor Dr. Zamri bin Yusoff:-

Part I :

Part II:

Written by: Akmal Aziq bin Baharin

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