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Mr. Lango presenting his talk


PUTRAJAYA, 21st July 2017 – On the 18th July 2017, UNITEN Fitness Club organized a fitness talk, hosted by iconic power lifter, Luke Lango. The event took place in UNITEN’s BV Theatre, located near the RHR Hotel, where around 120 students attended the talk. The objective of the event was to enlighten students on how to eat healthy as well as to give advice on how to lead a fit and fulfilling life.

The importance of fitness has long been a topic of discussion, regardless of fields of work. “This talk basically provides the proper facts and knowledge for students to keep fit and healthy. It teaches the students that keeping fit is not about going to the gym only, it is more to doing everything in right proportions and order,” says organizer, Ganesha a/l S Salvanaiagam, “Fitness is not only about having a good physical appearance. Mental fitness plays a vital role in professionals such as engineers. In such jobs, mental fitness is crucial in keeping an engineer in check and will always be ready to face whatever obstacles they receive.”

The audience listening intently to Mr. Lango’s talk


To educate the students, Luke introduced new tips and techniques to be practiced and implemented whether they’re at home or in campus. These tips aided participants in knowing how to lose weight, gain muscle and as well as how to eat healthily, alongside solid, nutritional facts to support his statements.  He also claims that we can actually consume pleasures such as fast food and chocolate as long as our balance meal for that day is clean. This, he says, can be achieved through flexible dieting.

With several national records under his belt, Luke Lango is now one of Malaysia’s top powerlifters, with aspirations to bring Malaysia’s name to a more global level by making it to the elite levels of powerlifting. Mr. Luke currently is undergoing his diploma in physiotherapy in order to provide the best value to his clientele.

Due to the talk’s overwhelmingly positive response, the UNITEN Fitness Club is working on making it an annual talk. With this new enthusiasm set into motion, we can hope students become more involved in various physical events such as marathons and fun runs. Might the next Luke Lango come from UNITEN? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Written by: Isaac Mohandas John

Edited by: Ahmad Daniel Haziq Razol Mahari

Photo source: UNITEN Fitness Club, Thilageshwaran


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