Top 5 Places To Eat Near UNITEN

Want to go on a date but don’t know where to eat?

Frequent arguments with your partner about “Nak makan mana ni?” that will eventually lead to catastrophic endings?

Tired of googling “Places to eat in *designated residence*?

Afraid not, UNITEN Curry House is here to save the day! (or maybe even your relationship)

This article is specially dedicated to those who don’t know where to fill in their appetite and are looking for restaurants or cafes just a few blocks away from UNITEN. By bus or by car these top 5 places are just 10-15 minutes away from UNITEN and are guaranteed to tingle your taste buds! Courtesy of, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this fantastic food!


1. Pizza San Francisco

Located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Pizza San Francisco offers a variety of infused Italian, Mexican, American, Southwestern and Asian dishes that will surely awaken your taste buds! The restaurant provides a chill and relaxed environment to have dinner with your friends and family. Not to mention excellent service and affordable pricing! Their special salmon steak is definitely a crowd pleaser. So, if you’re searching for a chic and cool place to enjoy infused Italian, Mexican, American, Southwestern and Asian cuisines, head over to Pizza San Francisco! Absolutely worth the try.

2. Rumah Makan Cibiuk Malaysia

Nominated as #1 out of 133 restaurants in Kajang by TripAdvisor Malaysia, this restaurant is situated only 10-15 minutes away from UNITEN and customers will be provided with fantastic Halal Indonesian cuisines made especially with love from Indonesia. “This restaurant is one of the best serving Sundanese food I have ever tried in my life. I got overly full up, because the taste was so good and authentic. This is going to be one of the most favourite Indonesian restaurants in Malaysia.” – Jodie P. The restaurant is easy to spot from Kajang highway, just nearby Kakimotor Kajang. What more can you ask for than free sambal, a fully air-conditioned dining area and well-maintained toilets. The only downside is that it is pretty dimly lit however it actually gives out a romantic atmosphere to dine in, so it is a win-win situation. A must have after all the delicate Javanese food are its outstanding pavlovas! “Came here all the way from Cyberjaya just for its pavlova!” – Kamarul Karim. Their sambal is extremely spicy (self-proclaimed) but is also a must try! Hence, Rumah Makan Cibiuk Malaysia is definitely a go-to to fulfill your Indonesian cravings.

3. Little 7 Wonders Kitchen

Little 7 Wonders Kitchen provides an array of mouth-watering Asian, Chinese and Malaysian food perfect for a hungry soul. If you want a cheap lunch during the weekdays around the area, this place must be on your to-eat list. I do agree with some of the reviewers that the decor was a bit tacky, but I guess that’s just part of the restaurant’s charm. Moreover, they serve mixed rice before 3pm. There is a good variety of meats and vegetables to pick from, and they all taste pretty good. After 3 pm onwards, they serve fried rice, “hokkien” mee and etc. Worth the try! It is the most value for your money. The restaurant provides fast service even when it is jam-packed with customers. It’s located beside AmBank at Jalan Bukit, Kajang and nearby is a Convent school. A lot of students eat there during lunch time, which further proves that it is without a doubt, cheap and worth it.

4. Willy Satay Kajang

Kajang is well known to specialize in satays, which are one of Malaysia’s most phenomenal delicacies. Made up of a variety of meat marinated in loads of herbs and spices, these satays are grilled to perfection on skewers which makes them so special! And what better way of enjoying satays than dining in one of the most famous satays shops in Kajang; Satay Willy at Ramal Food Junction! If you’re looking for satay, this is the place! It is located near MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line station. The place is quite convenient since it provides a huge parking lot, so you won’t have to circle the area while your tummy rumbles unhappily. Their signature spicy peanut sauce is an absolute crowd-pleaser that people are willing to line up for. Besides satay, each order comes with nasi himpit (rice cakes), chopped onions and sliced cucumbers. The satays are especially delicious when it is hot, it metaphorically melts in your mouth!

5. Aroi Thai Boat Noodle Bangi

Aroi Thai Boat Noodle ‘s concept is quite unique; serving small portions of their dishes in tiny bowls so that the customers can taste more dishes without much wastage. There are always plenty of tables available even during lunch hours. They serve quick Boat Noodles along with extras such as “kai tod” and “somtam”. Most of the customers there are regulars, visiting at least once a month to savour the delicious Thai cuisine. Quoting from Aizat K, “This is one of my favourite restaurants in Cyberjaya. I usually eat here once a month to fulfil my craving of my most favourite Thai food: Phad Kra Paw. Pad Kra Paw rice is very nice, and I recommend the fried chicken wings, it is astonishingly crispy and delicious.” All the meals and drinks are sold at the same price. There are a variety of choices to pick from as your main dish, such as rice, noodles and snacks like chicken wings, fish cakes, beverages like teh ais, coconut juice and desserts like sticky mango etc. The drinks may be a bit too sweet but don’t worry, they still aren’t as sweet as you. Bite size portions ensure diners can choose and savour a variety of Thai cuisine at RM2.10 per bowl. Although not 100% authentically Thai, due to the staff being non-Thai and due to budget pricing, it is very much a carb/tummy filler. All dishes are served in small bowls, so expect to have a tower of bowls stacked before you at the end of the meal.

This writer sincerely hopes that the readers will find this article useful as the solution for your food hunting crisis. All the best!

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