Tomodachi: Beyond the HR Office of SRC

Human Resources. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard of it? Some might think of Toby Flenderson from The Office while some would have no idea at all. However, there could also be a preconceived notion about what HR people do in an organization. Some see us as friends while some think that we are there solely to enforce the law. No matter how you see it, one thing for sure is we sure do know how to start conversations. Today, we are delighted to invite you behind the scenes with SRC’s very own HR team!

At the helm of the huge operation with two other people, the first member of the team is the cool Sis Aisya, always kind to her colleagues. Workplace hierarchy? Overtime? Unpaid leaves (just kidding)? She is redefining workplace dynamics. Putting the unpaid promotion aside, she is genuinely a great leader. In all seriousness, getting-things-done should be Aisya’s middle name. She excels in distributing assignments all while not counting herself out of the action. What else can you ask for from a boss.

Now, introducing you to the other friendly faces of the HR team. The ‘always there to help’, Sis Aqidah. Quick and witty with the replies, she will make you forget what your complaint was about in the first place. She is also super diligent and proactive so you can surely count on her if you need a spark of inspiration. Finally, there’s me. Not plenty to write about but I’d like to think it pretty much speaks for itself at this point. The three of us make up the SRC HR team and we are always happy to help!

What is it that we do, you ask? Maybe some of our programs can give you a general idea. In the very beginning of the SRC’s term, the time where many new faces are appointed into the office, all in many different positions, we took the initiative to have a little get together to kick-start things up. Thus, the annual Mixer program was born. We had every member of the SRC family there, including the members of Skuad Media UNITEN, EmceeVengers, and NADI. The main goal of the program was to break the ice and it’s safe to say that the objective was met wonderfully. Other initiatives the HR team started included programs like #KitaKongsi, where students can get free food for dinner. Other smaller but vital tasks include moderating SRC’s social medias, arranging USC’s meeting room bookings, and most importantly, being the middle person between the execs and the SRC.

Some already know the twists and turns of the job while some are clueless but still willing to learn. I must admit that I am the latter but I am glad to say that I took the challenge of being an executive, especially under Human Resources. I couldn’t think of a better team to work with. A personal piece of advice, don’t hesitate in joining the SRC family. There are always gems to learn along the way in the journey of any new experience and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Written by, Muhammad Firdaus bin Muhammad Sukor & Siti Nur Aqidah binti Sheikh Hamid

Proofread by, Nurul Amanina binti Naushad

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