The Task Force Of 2018/2019


Introducing our Editor in Chief, Den. A young man whose wit just might give Miranda Priestly a run for her money is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. Den is an avid gamer and enjoys sharing funny videos on Instagram. Behind the curtain of wit though, lies a leader who truly cares for his teammates and never lets anyone down, plus, a genuine heart.






Sharmella, the one in a million, is our new Creative Director. Always in awe of words and a social butterfly, she launched into a full-blown mode of making NADi reach its full potential. Putting her blood, sweat and tears into revamping NADi, Sharmella has shown that she truly has the heart and soul to do things she truly has a passion in. Did we tell you that she speaks killer Mandarin?






She may be quiet but Ain, the Managing Deputy Director, knows exactly what she brings to the table. She has been in NADi for the longest time and her loyalty never fades. Blessed with an amazing writing skill, she takes on responsibilities with ease and executes them perfectly. Oh, and she’s a lover of all things Japanese so maybe the next time you see her, shout “Konichiwa!”






If you were to flip the pages of a dictionary looking for the words “Boss Lady”, you’d probably find Izzah written on it. Our editorial manager has a knack of taking life by its collar and living it to the fullest. She draws inspiration from French women and is the go-to gal when it comes to life advices. But she’s not a fan of humourless jokes so unless you’re a certified comedian, we’d suggest that you keep the jokes to a minimum.





Annha, the finance manager has got money (and food) on her mind. Did you know she makes the best pudding around? Who know maybe someday you will get the chance to taste it!As quiet as she seems she is one crazy and fun-filled person to hang out with!Although this young lady is constantly swamped with work, she never lets NAdi down.






If you ever stumble upon a girl wearing a maroon Converse and flannels in the hallway, smiling randomly at you, that’s our gal, Ray. Just like her name depicts , she brings rays of sunshine into people’s life with her warm and friendly character and beautiful personality. Despite all that, she is an inspiring strong and independent woman that hustles her way up everyday. She’s truly  “an extreme example of what a high-performing Swiftie can achieve”.





Unsure if you should invest in on an Apple product? Having mixed feelings about getting that mobile phone you’ve been eyeing? Trust Jun Siong to steer those confusions away! A huge fan of all things tech, he can help you with technology-related choices. Our Content Development Director throws around his smile like confetti so, our best guess is he absorbs inspiration from everyday life! Apart from these extraordinary tech knowledge he possesses he is a great person who is very considerate of ones’ well-being. So,if you are having a bad day you might want to just talk to him!




The youngest committee member in NADi, Ashraf or better known as Acap, is the Senior Social Media Manager. Through his capabilities, he has shown that age is merely a number and is no hindrance to his skills. He is well-known to be the cave-dweller by his friends as they’d find him home sitting at the same spot.He thinks memes are like one of the masterpieces in the modern world! So if you are a meme fan then you know you have a friend.As quiet as he seem to be the closer you get to him he could turn out to be the total opposite!




You know how, some people are just born multi-talented? Well, Kareena, our Human Resource Director, is one of the best photographers we know. She has an eye for art and brings out the best in everything through photography. Kareena also has the capability to have a long, chatty talk about Korean dramas and Taylor Swift. And if you were to ask her about Pikachuu, the conversation might just take more than 12 hours!





Pretty much self-explanatory, our Communications Director, talks, like a lot. The topics range from the difficulty of a certain subject to a random craving of McDonalds’ Crispy Chicken. Always ready to challenge herself constantly, she keeps a low profile when necessary. A second year Electrical Power Engineering student, she never gives up on things she’s passionate about. And she has a nice, ombre hair so maybe you could ask her about her hairstylist!



Captions by,Rayvathi a/p Theivindran


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