The Incredibles 2: A Childish Teenager\’s Review

14 YEARS! IT HAS BEEN 14 YEARS! Jack-Jack and his family… wait sorry, Robert Parr and his family made their first appearance in theatres the same year that Facebook was launched. No matter how old you are, PLEASE get up from that couch and watch Incredibles 2 in cinemas (Say no to online piracy guys!). Why? Dude, come on, you don’t need a reason to watch the Parr family again.



A short recap before we go deeper: Incredibles 2 is the long-awaited sequel of the movie Incredibles, the story about a family of five, with kickass superpowers, trying to save the world from bad guys whilst remaining undercover due to a law that bans superheroes from using their powers. Well then, Incredibles 2 delves deeper into the family members’ character developments. These developments are helped when the parents (Mr Incredible and Elastigirl) collaborate with a young and rich businessman to bring superheroes back into the light.

The movie kicks off with an engaging scene as we get to see the Parr family and Frozone back in action as they try to put a stop to a bad guy, The Underminer. Then the movie revolves around the Parr family\’s conflicts and Elastigirl’s new job before the main villain makes an entrance. Let me warn you beforehand, you’ll find yourself saying millions of awww’s to Jack-Jack because that kid is a cutie pie (but you definitely don’t want him around because you’ll find yourself either zapped by electricity or find your house on fire). To be honest, the storyline is quite predictable so you will be relaxed while slurping your drink or munching on your popcorn. Certainly, a totally different experience after watching all those MCU and DC superhero movies.

The voice cast made me speechless (no pun intended) because they were so perfect for the characters they are loaning their voices to. The precise selection of the voice cast gave out an illusion that the movie is actually a motion picture instead of an animated one. But it kinda made me sad because Bud Luckey no longer lends his voice as Rick Dicker. But seriously, Jonathan Banks nailed his role as Luckey’s sub. And let me assure you, you can never come close to Edna Mode’s sass even though her voice is from Brad Bird, the director himself.


To the nerdy stuff now (forgive me, I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to animated movies), Pixar just raised their own benchmark in producing life-like animations. The execution part where mere drawings are given life through the art of animation is no joke, so hats off to Pixar animators, you guys are magicians. The colour spectrum of the movie was simply breathtaking because it certainly gave out the original Incredibles vibes even though it came out more than a decade ago. Michael Giacchino’s score felt like the icing on the cake as it made me nostalgic about the time I watched the Parr family on screen 14 years back.

In a nutshell, Incredibles 2 is a must watch for everyone, just for the fun you’ll get after watching it. Oh, if you’re curious about Jack-Jack’s superpowers, prepare to get bamboozled *insert smirking emoji here*.


Movie review written by,

Kaarthigeswaran A/L A.GNAPATHY

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, UNITEN

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