The Home of the Homeless

It was a typical working day whereby me, my husband and our workers went to the oil palm plantation to harvest palm oil.

I was walking further into the menacing forest without realizing it as I was so into harvesting the oil palms. I was basically far away from the others, deep in the forest, alone.

The wind was blowing hard. The trees and the surrounding bushes were rustling ominously. I thought I was being witless as I was starting to quail, crept out by the the crows surrounding me, cawing continuously, like loud, angry echoes.

I felt as if it were an evil omen, as though an inauspicious event was about to unleash its wrath. It was as if someone or something supernatural was asking me to leave or forbidding me to enter, as if they were marking their territory; as if they were saying it was their place and that no one should come in.

They say if a place is abandoned for too long, supernatural things that are not visible to us tend to take place and live there. And I was unwilling to find out what lived within the trees.

It was a day that I would never want to go back to. I prayed hard, closed my eyes, thought of the path I initially took that got me in there and eventually got myself out of the place. I was beyond relieved that I even managed to get out of the place and that it allowed me.

I am thankful by the fact that God was always with me throughout the time.

Written by: Mel



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