The Heat is On! The 2018/2019 SRC Election is Back, & it’s Bigger than Ever – UNITEN KSHAS Special

UNITEN KSHAS, Pahang – 9th of July 2018, with the start of a new academic year and the members of the 2017/2018 SRC bidding their last farewells, the students of UNITEN know it’s all but certain, the SRC election period is back. The atmosphere is beginning to fill up with the excitement and hype as new challengers rise to fill the 6 seat of KSHAS’ SRC and with it comes a full package of epic rivalries, the best ideas and ideals also the emergence of a new hope for the students of KSHAS.

This year’s SRC election bring quite the spectacular ordeal, with a drastic increase in candidates compared to the last 2 years with a total number of 11 candidates running campaigns for the student’s mandate for a seat in the office, in contrary of only 7 candidates running in the last 2 years. Finally seeing an election of our time for the second time this year, if you know what I mean.
Don’t know your candidates? Not sure who to vote for? Fret not, and let us from NADi be your best guide to light a path for you to know your candidate and may your vote help bring a difference for the better in our university.

Choose your fighter! The KSHAS SRC 2018/2019 Candidates:
You’ve seen the posters, you’ve heard them speak, and you’ve read their promises, now one last check before the big day arrives.

To Shoulder Struggles for the Students
Candidate 1 – Athilah Asri

The very definition of beauty with brains, an active university career and modest in nature. A personality that has potential to be the voice of the students if given mandate for the next council. With an impressive line of experience and past duties & achievements, chances are looking bright for her indeed.

A Voice to be Reckoned With
Candidate 2 – Amiera Natasha

A living example of size matters not. A nimble fighter but fierce in nature. Beware those who crossed path with her but one thing is for sure, no one can stop her determination. Vowing to make the students voice heard and taken seriously, she is indeed a voice and possibly force to be reckon with. You’ve seen her grandiose works, her vast leadership credentials and now you will decide whether she will be in the council. Want your voice to be heard by the higher-ups? Want things done by hook or by crook? She’s the one you look for.


An Epic Coalition
Candidate 3 – Mursyid Marzuki & Candidate 8 – Ezzat Ezman

For most of us, this is an intriguing new scenario. Maybe the first ever coalition in this university’s election, upon this humble writer’s knowledge. As they keep saying, ‘rise together’, they sure lived up to their words. Both figures are no longer foreign to the community in UNITEN KSHAS, we know what they have done and what they can do. Want to see more of this dynamic duo? Make sure to make your votes count to have them on the council.








The Humble Figure
Candidate 4 – Saranyah Devi

Next up aiming for one of the seats in the SRC is Saranyah Devi. A YTN scholar and always around as a helping hand. Really, look it up, she is a committee in most events. So, simple conclusion is that she can commit to a lot of stuff. So you better believe she can commit for the students if you give her your mandate.

Leading By Example
Candidate 5 – Sharmila Gurusamy

Her words echoes strong; “Great Leaders Don’t Tell You What to Do, They Show You How It’s Done” a prime example to be the champion of the people, or in this case the students. If that doesn’t move you, nothing will. She vowed to be an exemplary example for all. Cast your votes for her to secure her place as a member of the SRC.


The Guardian of Rights
Candiate 6 – Amanina Uzma

If anyone is part of SRC committee or any clubs or events, you’ve definitely seen this lady in action at least once, however we all know it’s more than once. Her unwavering dedication to work and activities is the stuff of legends. So trust her in the works of listening to the students and taking care of student’s rights. That as the core of her campaign, chances are looking extremely in her favor.


Aptitude is All That Matters
Candidate 7 – Haifa Helmee

She is one that believes aptitude is everything. Her campaign leans firmly on the quote “Leadership is not the title, It’s the behavior”. She is a lady of her words, no one can question that as she displays the aptitude of great front runner in all her line of awe-inspiring past achievements and post that she held. Want a good egg in the council? Make your votes count KSHAS!


A Campaign of Humor
Candidate 9 – Ahmad Fadhli Zainal

You may not know him as Fadhli, but we all know him as the guy with the straw hat, the farmer, oldman fadhli or simply Pokli. Him and his inseparable straw hat. What’s more interesting is his take on his election campaign, humor. From posters as badminton nets and up on trees, he’ll do anything for a laugh. A good change of phase from all the serious candidates, however he still has an amazing line of manifestos. Want a perfect balance between carefree and seriousness? He’s your guy.
“There was no net before, there is one now”
– Fadhli

The Voice Fighting for Yours
Candidate 10 – Hazmal

One of the most prominent and most eager figure of all the 11 candidates. He ensures the students that their fight is his fight. With a campaign focus of freedom of speech and other meaningful content, this particular candidate is moving forward confidently with his line ‘#HalaTujuUnitenBaru”. For anyone who wants a fighter on your side of the cause, for someone to make your fight his own, then you know who to vote for.

The Hopeful Comedic
Candidate 11 – Aqiel Mazli aka Sam

The iconic rapper of KSHAS, the never fail comedic, no one will feel left out around him. Approachable and friendly in nature, anyone will feel comfortable voicing out anything if it’s with him. You’ve seen his hilarious sketches on his social media, you’ve stand witness to his work ethics and competence, what more can you ask for? If you believe he has what it takes to represent the student of KSHAS, be sure to vote for this candidate.


Let’s Make A Difference!
You’ve known them, you’ve heard and seen them. Now let’s fulfill our duties as students and vote in the coming SRC election on the 11th of July (Wednesday). Together we can step into a new and better UNITEN that we’ve all come to cherish and love.
Remember! Vote for your preferred candidates!


Written by: Irshad Khalili

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