The First Ever DotA 2 UNITEN Cup is a Success!

PUTRAJAYA, 3rd December- The DotA 2 UNITEN Cup came to a close last Saturday evening with the “Old Boys” being crowned champions after beating rivals “Kami Kaki Sapu” with a score of 2-1.

16 teams took part in the E- tournament which kicked off on the 27th of November, and twelve were eliminated on that very day. Teams “Ragnaros the Firelord (Ragnaros)”, “Kami Kaki Sapu”, “Old Boys” and “Team WeLost (originally SEA Cancer)” all proceeded to the Semi-Finals, which were held at the Library’s 24 hour study area last Saturday. “Kami Kaki Sapu” and “Oldboys” proceeded to the Grand Finals after emerging victorious against their opponents “Team WeLost” and “Ragnaros” respectively. The two teams then competed in the Grand Finals which were held on that night itself. After an intense match, the “Old Boys” were crowned champions with a 2-1 victory. They were awarded with a 500 ringgit cash prize. First runner ups “Kami Kaki Sapu” received a 300 ringgit cash prize and 2nd runner up Team WeLost got 200 cash prize. All participating teams received Scorun.


Moaz Mohamed, Head of Strategic Planning of the Student Representative Council (SRC) posted on Facebook,
“…the intensity (was) unbelievable”. While Jason Cheong, Deputy President of the SRC as well as the organizer of this project posted: “We hope to see E-sports in UNITEN to compete on the national level, and one day bring UNITEN to the Internationals!”

In an interview with Jason Cheong, he mentioned the high possiblity of securing sponsors for sending teams from UNITEN to future DotA 2 tournaments off-campus. The sponsor of the DotA 2 UNITEN Cup, Tbun, was elated with the response received from the students.


Written by: Daniel Haziq Bin Razol Mahari

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