The Clapping (My Experience in Cendikiawan)



This story took place in C1 a little over one year ago, during the first semester of last year. At that time, it was exam season, finals to be exact and my merry bunch of friends and I decided to spend the entire night studying together.

Everything was going pleasantly well at first. We had our Computer Organization paper in two-ish days and we were making good progress. I think there was around six or seven of us and the atmosphere in that house was basically very light and cheery and busy with discussions.

But of course, as time progressed, our energy slowly and gradually decreased. Some of us decided to hit the hay earlier than the others. They’d close their laptops and lie down somewhere in the living room; we all made a pact to sleep there together that night, simply because of convenience.

It was nearing 2:30am and only three people were awake; myself and two others. But of course, soon, they too fell victim to their drowsiness, leaving me all left alone in the now quiet, somewhat eerie house.

I decided to call it a day, shutting down my laptop and packing up my stuff. To be honest, I wasn’t that sleepy, just anxious to be studying all alone.

As a means to comfort myself, I put on my earphones and blasted Spotify into my ears. Not loudly though, just quiet enough to give me some room to think. I could still hear the whirring of the fan through the tones of Ed Sheeran and I felt secure.

All of a sudden however, I hear the pitter-patter of someone showering. At first, I felt curious – it was such an odd hour to be showering and I didn’t see anyone getting up to head to the bathroom anyway. To satisfy my thoughts, I carefully counted my friends and yes, I was right. Everyone was still here.

But then, I felt my insides twist and turn in horror. If everyone was here, then who on earth was showering? Scared, I forced my head on my cushion, shut my eyes and rolled over to face away from the shower to the shoe rack, not too eager to see why.

But then, the clapping started. Clap clap…clap clap…clap clap.

I increased the volume of my music but the clapping only intensified. My heart froze when I heard the clapping as if it was just right behind me. Trying to remain as still as possible, I was praying to God, begging and begging for Him to keep me safe from harm.

Then, all of a sudden, something tugged off my earphone and I swear to God, I heard the clapping right by my ear. That was my limit.

I basically jolted up, forced a random friend to his feet and basically dragged him to my room on the seventh floor. My laptop, bag and papers were abandoned; what mattered most was that I was out of there for good.

The next day, my friends asked me why I left the house in the middle of the night and I told them the story. None of them really believed it, blaming it on my wild imagination – I was after all known for reading creepypastas and watching scary videos.

But then, another friend, pale and shivering, spoke up. He recounted that the same thing had happened to him too the previous night, except in his case, he saw a pair of dismembered hands.

I have never stepped foot in that house since.

Written by: Anonymous.

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