The Academy 2019

The Academy is an annual program that gathers clubs and societies that work together with Uniten’s Student Representative Council (SRC). These three clubs are Emcee Vengers (EV), Skuad Media Uniten (SMU), and NADi. They are the backbones of Uniten especially in promoting Uniten. Almost all programs in Uniten are promoted or collaborated with them.

On August 17th,  Saturday, The Academy 2019 took place at Uniten Putrajaya Campus. The registration started at 8.00 a.m. and breakfast was provided. The members of each club wore their official polo shirts and by that, you could easily identity the clubs of those who attended the program.

Around 8.30 a.m., the first activity started and it was separated by clubs. For SMU, the venue was at CES. They were having a Media Management Workshop and it involved the procedure in making coverage during programs and processing digital components method. NADi’s activity was at the Student Lounge and it was a Writing Workshop. EmceeVengers’ slot was attended by Tuan Mior Abdul Malek Raiyani for Hosting Workshop at Leisure Hall.

At 1.00 p.m., there was a break for prayers and lunch. The second activity was divided into two sessions which were from NADi and SRC. The First session was an ice-breaking session conducted by NADi. This activity required all participants to search for words in a puzzle that described things related to NADi. After that, SRC members proceeded with their activities. The first thing they did was the presentation about their involvement and achievements during their service. The second activity was a group activity called ‘The Election of Kampung Tenaga’.

‘The Election of Kampung Tenaga’ was the fun part. This activity showed the real-life scenario on things that happened during election season. The objective of the activity was to vote for the leaders. There were two areas of residents which are the North and the South parts of Kampung Tenaga. There were  six candidates, three males and three females. Their campaigns were in a blast as they and their supporters kept on communicating with the residents and some of them were trying to bribe the residents,which certainly wasn’t advisable.

The three media organizations represented by NADi, EV, and SMU kept on posting and promoting the candidates on Kampung Tenaga Facebook Page. The residents also stated their problems that happened in the village on that page. The Manifesto took place and it was time to vote for the leaders. After the voting session, the SRC representatives took their precious time to count the votes. It was time to reveal the leaders! Top 4 highest vote were the leaders of Kampung Tenaga and the highest vote was won by Marr.

After the activity was done, the montage video was played and then we moved on to photograph sessions. The Academy program ended around 7 p.m.

Written by,Anis

Photo credits to,Skuad Media Uniten

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