The Absurdity of Death

Our body will get old but not this confusion. This constant turmoil in our head. But again, we’ll learn to overcome it over and over again. Such is life. One up, one down.

I was lying on my bed trying to imagine death. I imagine myself surrounded by my family, my friends, and someone with a blurred face I assume to be my wife.

Death, is true, as true as it gets. It lives outside of us, sometimes within us. Death, is an end, horrifying to many, alluring to some. Fear it, welcome it, it will come.

Funny it is honestly, that it becomes more and more absurd to imagine the moment when my breath stops. It feels natural to live. And to imagine that one day, all of this stops.

This wilderness, these emotions, this world. It feels absurd and alien to imagine myself leaving this place. And depart to another world I know nothing about. It will all end. My life, as it is yours, will end.

But for the moment, we’ll live and continue to do so in pursuit for our desires. What comes next, will come. What has happened, happened.

Written by:

Written by Ahmad Nuruddin bin Azhar

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