The Students’ Representative Council would like to reluctantly inform to you about the temporary closure for certain SRC facilities. Following the inspection done by the department of Facility Management Safety and Security (FMS), some of the SRC facilities is deemed to be not fully safe and suitable for student use.

As of now, we were forced to close Meeting Room 1 and Leisure Hall until further notice. However, Meeting Room 2 is still available for booking and can be booked via ‘Facilities’ tab in our website.

We would like to apologize for all the inconveniences that happened due to this issue.

Updated Rules & Regulations

1. Please ensure that our facilities are kept clean, orderly, and safe.
2. Ensure that the lights, air conditioner, and door are switched off after utilizing our facilities.
3. Only 2 hours and 4 hours booking slots are available.
4. Bookings can be made under clubs & societies or individually.

Thank you.

“Through Act, We Prove”
Students’ Representative Council

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