Spreading the Kindness with Dance for Kindness 2017!



PUTRAJAYA, 14th November – In celebration of World Kindness Day 2017, students of Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), in collaboration with Life Vest Inside and the Sports and Culture Unit of UNITEN, organized \”Dance For Kindness 2017 (DFK2017)\” on the 12th November 2017. Taking place at Symphony Walk, IOI City Mall from 2pm to 3pm, the program aimed to spread the word on the importance of kindness through the art of dance. Attending the event was also Prof. Dr. Zamri bin Yusoff, Deputy Vice Chancellor of UNITEN.

Involving both UNITEN students and outsiders, DFK2017 required participants to carry out a flashmob, where participants danced a rehearsed set of dance moves, as well as a freezemob, where participants froze in place in a position of kindness in the span of three minutes. Garnering attention from the public, participants were truly enjoying themselves.


\”This event was amazing!\” said Luqman Nizar, one of the participants of DFK2017, \”I\’m proud of the fact that we could all work together in mastering a dance that was somewhat complicated in a short range of time and still, managed to pull it off to perform in front of Prof. Zamri and the public.\”

\”To me, it was fun. I was able to meet new people and learn how to dance with them. But most importantly, we were able to spread the word of kindness through dancing and that is what really excites me!\” said Nur Dalilah Mastura, another participant.

Two days before the event itself, the organizers had even prepared a rehearsal session in order to ensure all participants were familiar with the flow of the day itself as well as to aid the participants in further perfecting the dance moves by Gema Tari.

There was also a challenge for the participants, named the \”OrangeChallenge\”, where the organizers dared participants to wear as much orange as possible and post it up on their social media accounts with the hashtags #DFKOrange2017 and #DanceForKindness2017. Among all those who participants, the winner was none other than Mahmud Zaki bin Ibrahim, who sported a traditional orange baju melayu, complete with sampin and tengkolok.


Winning a Xiaomi powerbank purchased all the way from China, Mahmud Zaki was nothing but happy and surprised.

\”Honestly, I felt very shocked,\” Mahmud Zaki described to us in an interview, \”At first, it was just a random thought that I shared with my friends and initially, we wanted to just wear plain baju melayu. However, eventually, we decided to go all out. I realized that by wearing traditional attire, I could show the world the image of Malaysia and the spirit that we showed in order to spread kindness.\”

Nazrul Affiq Amimar, the director of the program, would like to thank everybody for their participation. \”I really appreciate all of you for participating, as well as our sponsors, IOI City Mall, UNITEN, UNITEN Sports and Cultural Unit as well as Prof. Zamri who made the time to come and support us. Thank you also to Madam Shazura, Madam Feninferina, Madam Fardela and #KITAUNITEN initiator, Amar Amjad.\”

When asked regarding how the program went, Nazrul Affiq recorded feelings of relief and thankfulness. \”Alhamdulillah, everything went beyond my expectations. The committee did a good job and the participants who joined us were also very supportive. I didn\’t expect that much love and support from everyone, especially my friends. But most importantly, we had a great time dancing together, spreading kindness to others.\”

Written by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan bin Husain.

Photo Source: Khairul Haikal and Aisyah Ibrahim.

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