The spider sings as she spins her web,
Her eyes ever mindful of the things around her.
They fly in circles, almost in mockery
Of the open skies she could not conquer.

But she works in silence, those eight eyes glued
She merely spins her silk with no contempt
As they brave themselves ever closer, ever near
Trying to see who’d best the last attempt

She’d pay no heed to the buzz of vulgarity
All those sickening words they spurted out
Because she knew that when the time came soon
She’d put an end to the ceaseless flout

Because wings, as magical as they may be
Were a curse hidden well beneath a blessing
Unlimited your horizons may be: so free?
But lack of walls can also be quite pressing

An overflow of data can rightfully bring down
Even the smartest human being without a doubt
And wings, whose access travels so far
Can surely bring forth a merciless drought

Intelligence is dried, overpowered by sloth
And brains are replaced with a sense of arrogance
“Come forth,” one may say, trying to be “clever”
Only to realize how their efforts may have been perilous

These wings that have taken them far finally break
As they spiral down, too late to have ever realized
The hungrier you are, the more lustful you get
And Icarus fell to his demise: surprised.

And the spider eyes the winged dreamers that day
Struggling for escape, begging to be free
But abuse of liberty comes with a cost
And in this case, their lives became the fee.

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan Bin Husain

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