Soo Mei Teng and Nazrul Affiq on their Experience Joining Huawei\’s Malaysia Seeds for the Future!


KAJANG, 19th October – Two students from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) flew to China under the Huawei Malaysia Seeds for The Future program on 29th September 2017. Lasting a number of sixteen days, the program was attended by only fifteen students from all throughout Malaysia, handpicked by Huawei themselves, of which was chosen through rigorous rounds of assignments alongside an interview. UNITEN\’s very own Nazrul Affiq bin Ahmad Amimar and Soo Mei Teng were among the fifteen lucky, talented students who were chosen to join the program.


Huawei Malaysia Seeds for the Future is a flagship, corporate social responsibility program organized by Huawei throughout the world that aims to give students a chance to explore the culture of China whilst learning new technology introduced by Huawei. It was first launched in 2008 in Thailand and it has been developing well ever since then.

Before they were chosen to join the program, Nazrul Affiq and Mei Teng had to undergo and complete an interview as well as several assignments in order to secure themselves a spot in Huawei\’s program. The assignments required them to upload videos of themselves singing songs and expressing their emotions on the interview and program. Though most would consider this rather embarrassing, Nazrul Affiq described the assignments as \’quite okay\’. \”I don\’t mind sharing it,\” the final year systems and networking major mentioned, having previously uploaded videos of himself even prior to the program.

The students, hereby referred to as the seeds, upon arrival in China, were first educated on the language and culture of China at Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU) and were brought to the Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen one week later, where they were taught about the recent technological advancements of Huawei, mainly focused around telecommunication. Students from Brunei, Czech Republic and Slovakia also joined them throughout Shenzhen.




Nazrul Affiq and Mei Teng expressed an extreme level of satisfaction on joining the program and getting to know the other seeds. \”At first, we were quite awkward together,\” said Nazrul Affiq, \”But we got along remarkably well as time progressed. In around one week, everyone revealed their true selves and I still can\’t move on from them. It was the best trip ever with the best people ever.\”

Mei Teng agreed, expressing that the experience has changed her, saying that might not be able to feel the same way again. \”I remember when we all were very hyper in Chinese language class, and our teacher, Ms Jin Min decided to teach us to dance Huluwa, where the song is similar to \’Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\’. We didn\’t know the song, but it united all of us, where all of us enjoyed the music, and laughed while dancing. We even performed the song and danced together with our Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Mary Yap during our welcome dinner.\”

She ended her comments with a sentimental remark regarding the trip, \”The moment when I see all of us who were strangers to each other, until the moment we had fun together, danced together, laughed together, became crazy together, the feelings just got mixed up and tears started to fill up my eyes.\”




Both Mei Teng and Nazrul Affiq strongly encourage and recommend all UNITEN students to join this program as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to experience the real working world in Huawei HQ. \”It\’s a life-changing opportunity,\” said Mei Teng, \”Not even some of the Huawei staff in Malaysia get to go. It\’s also a chance for students to meet up with people from other countries, universities and cultures.\”

When asked for any tips to help out any students who would like to join Huawei\’s future \’Malaysian Seeds for the Future\’s, Nazrul Affiq had a few things to say, \”The first thing is that you need to find yourself and be yourself. Find your talents, because that shows that you know yourself well and that talent could help you to be the best of the best students in Malaysia.\”

The most important element he stresses on however is the enthusiasm. \”Show your enthusiasm to be a part of the program, so that they really know you want to be a part of it. Don\’t be shy but instead be confident in everything you do and show off your talents,\” he added.



We from NADi would like to congratulate both Nazrul Affiq and Mei Teng for being selected to join the Huawei Malaysian Seeds for The Future. May all the experience and knowledge that you received give you both a lot of benefits to you.

Written by:  Aliya Nur Najieha binti Husain Ahmad

Edited by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan bin Husain

Photo Source: Huawei Malaysia Seeds for the Future




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