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UNITEN is filled with many bright and talented students. Many are extremely competent in their respective courses, scoring with flying colours every semester. However, there are an exceptional few that are multitalented as well. These people are not only an expert in their course but also in other different fields. In this month for best achieving student, let us introduce to you, UNITEN’s very own jack of all trades, Muhammad Khairi Azim bin Kamal Ariffin.

Muhammad Khairi or more known as Khai, is a final year student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering. Although he is an engineering student, Khai has ventured into various other fields, such as business and computing, excelling in all of them.

To start things off, Khai is a successful entrepreneur currently handling three different kinds of businesses. The first business is a consultation service set up for those who are interested to start up their own business. He provides tips, tricks, and guidance for his customers on how to kick-start their business successfully. Khai also runs a 3D design and printing service under his company, 3DArmy. 3DArmy is specialized in printing and designing any kind of model, merchandise, and project. Last but not least is Tinking. Tinking is an intelligent switch for smart homes. It is currently under research and development (R&D). It was selected to become the top 28 companies in the Selangor Accelerator Program 2020, the winner for the Islamic Digital Economy Accelerator 2020, and the top 16 tech companies in Gobi Superseed Championship 2020.

Other than business, Khai is also a passionate programmer, joining coding competitions along the way. “Even though I am an engineering student, that does not stop me from learning programming and coding. I think it is very important for each of us to know and learn as the world is moving towards digitalization. I believe that in the future, engineering and programming will merge to develop an intelligent system that will be really impactful to the society.” says Khai. When asked about his favourite programming language, he smiled and said “Python is definitely my favourite programming language. It is so easy to learn, understand, and apply. Python helps a lot in solving real-world problems.”

Khai says that time management and planning is key in balancing his three different roles as an engineering student, an entrepreneur, and a programmer. He added, “We have to be brave to take all the opportunities that come our way in order to be successful. The faster you fail, the faster you will learn and get better.”

Written by, Dinesha a/l S.Salvanaiagam

Proofread by, Nurul Amanina binti Naushad

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