A circular symbol that means nothing,
But also everything.
A symbol of paradox, where beginning and the end means the same thing,
So when I have a blank space in my head,
A void devoid of anything,
trying to avoid everything,
I feel a fear in me.
Whether this is a beginning of something terrible
Or the ending of something incredible.

A zero holds value by being nothing.
Imagine that.
Put a number up front and it becomes big,
Put a line above it and you’ll get an error on your calculator.
But leave it alone, it can be both an oppressor and a motivator

But for me,
Sifar is not a circle anymore.
But a dot.
A single dot on a page that could write a legacy,
A dot on a canvas to start something beautiful,
A dot that can change nothing, to everything.

Written by: Ariff Naqiuddin

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