Selamat Pagi Malaysia with Faiz Darwish

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KUALA LUMPUR, 13th OCTOBER 2016- Our student, Muhamad Faiz Hamim, 22, student of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) was featured in TV1\’s \”Selamat Pagi Malaysia\” sharing a few tips on how to cope with failures.

All students experiencing bad examination results at some point during their studies. Probably it isn’t the subject that you\’re good at or maybe you start studying the night before the exams. Whatever the reason is, leaving an exam feeling devastated is something that all students can relate to.

It happens even we have tried our best too, but knowing how to cope when failing an exam isn’t something that comes naturally to all.

Faiz said that there was a lot of pressure on him during his primary and secondary school because he always finished last in his class and his SPM grades weren’t that great.

Adjusting to college life in UNITEN is hard, but there’s help. He didn’t do well during his first semester so he had to change his mind set and develop coping strategies to build mental resilience until he qualified for the dean’s list recently.

On the other hand, he received numerous invitations from UNITEN in nasyid performance. Singing in the convocation ceremony was something memorable and for him it’s like a dream come true.

“Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it. Determination determines your destination, stay focused on whatever you want to do and don’t doubt yourself.”

“The key is always stay positive, don’t panic and give up easily. If we still don’t change who we are, we should not expect success in our lives” he said

We must be mentally and physically prepared for lectures. Identify what we expect and hope to learn from the class session. Keep our attention focused on what the lecturer is saying. Be sure to include in our notes information that the lecturer repeats or writes on the whiteboard.

“Listen even more carefully and work hard to understand what being said. Don’t be reluctant to ask questions.” he said.

What do we do when the rug is being pulled out from underneath us? We share stories with our family and friends because they are good networking. When we do, we share it with honesty and humility. Through it, we discover opportunity to provide hope, strength and encouragement to others.
“Parents play a vital role in our education and to stay connected. They have to be supportive so that we can study well” he said.
Failure is never the end. It is instead, a necessary part of the journey. May we keep hope alive and find redemption through it.


Written By: Azrif Asraf Azman

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