Satisfied Stomachs at Riuh! Bazaar Street!

Festive with cheer, Riuh! Bazaar Street was flooded with customers.

KAJANG, 31st July – ‘Riuh! Bazaar Street’, organized by Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Murni (PPKM), in collaboration with Student Representative Center (SRC) was held on the 28th July 2017, from 9am to 6:30pm at the Student Centre. Featuring food stalls from a huge variety of vendors selling items such as make-up and food as well as hosting culinary competitions, the bazaar was met with a huge number of customers and visitors alike.

”The main objective (of Riuh! Bazaar Street) is to encourage students and staff of UNITEN to be more interested in these kinds of events,” said Soo Mei Chia, director of the event, ”What inspired me to do this is because I have done a lot of events but entrepreneurships are what I seldom join. Therefore, I decided to organize one myself.”

The bazaar hosted vendors selling a huge spectrum of food products, including crepes, burgers, shaved ice and fried mushrooms. However, aside from selling food, the bazaar also featured competitions throughout the day to test UNITEN students’ culinary skills and to discover who would rein as champion. With three different competitions, each focused on one particular area in the culinary arts: pasta preparation, cake decoration as well as the cooking of chicken curry.

Participants were determined to serve up only the tastiest of dishes!

Syed Mohd Firdaus Bin Syed Ahmad, a Computer and Communication Engineering student, was announced as the first place winner of the chicken curry competition. Not expecting to win, Syed recorded feelings of thankfulness and happiness over his achievement. “I haven’t been home for a while now and I suddenly recalled my mother’s own curry chicken. And so, I entered the competition to prepare the curry as my mum does.”

Meanwhile, Roshan Charles Razali, the ultimate winner of the cake decoration competition, won the hearts of the judges with his self-named ‘UNITEN Cake’. He described his feelings of utter surprise to us, “I was up against three girls. As we know, girls are experts at decorating and being a guy, I’m very neat as I am a civil engineering student. So within the gap of 45 minutes, I just squeezed everything, got support from my friends and I just did my best. I was reminded of all the culture and the many types of people in UNITEN.”

When asked to further explain on his cake’s intriguing design, he proceeded to describe the elements one by one and related them to UNITEN. “I use Pocky biscuits, all standing up showing that we all stand as a family together in UNITEN and that we always have each other’s backs. The rose symbolizes the females in UNITEN who we prioritize who is then surrounded by all the men that is represented by chocolate chips. On the base, we are able to see a little bit of kiwi, representing a healthy life style. Finally the nips around the cake is the fun times we have together,” explained Roshan, expressing his creative ideas throughout the competition.

With his creative designs, Roshan swiped first place with his colourful and bright UNITEN cake.

The last champion, winning first place for the pasta competition was Ahmad Abdul Muizz bin Ahmad Nadzri, a diploma student majoring in mechanical engineering. With his dish entitled “Seafood Aglio E Olio Spaghetti”, defined as “garlic with olive oil” in Italian, he was able to surpass the others. When asked as to why he joined the competition, he simply smiled. “It’s because I love pasta. Pasta is easy to make and cooking is my passion after all.” Muizz also informed us it was his first time ever participating in a cooking competition.

However, it was not only the winners who enjoyed the festive air of the bazaar. Vendors and customers alike shared positive reviews of the event.

Siva Nagappan Visvesvaran, an Electrical Power Engineering student who sold food products on the behalf of Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Ilmu, described the event as well organized and a very good one. “It gives us the opportunity as a member of Kelompok Ilmu to make money for the use of our community in the future,” said Siva, expressing his approval over the event.

Even one of the customers, Nur Halenna Aiesya binti Mohd Halil felt overjoyed with the event. “There’s a lot of tasty food here! The XOXO stall’s fried mushrooms are so crispy and fresh with wonderful cheesy mayo sauce. Would definitely come again!”

All in all, NADi would like to congratulate all the winners on being able to produce such tasty food and we wish you all the best. May you improve more and more on your cooking as well as any fields you intend to venture further into!

Participants and customers alike enjoyed themselves throughout the entire day Riuh! Bazaar Street was held.


Written by: Nurul Izzahtul ‘Ain Binti Mohd Razih and Aliya Nur Najieha Binti Husain Ahmad.

Edited by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain.




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