uniten-kshas-2KUALA LUMPUR, 27th SEPTEMBER – Enactus Malaysia National Competition (EMNC) is an annual competition where students showcase their achievement in improving people’s life through entrepreneurial action with the most sustainable, effective and biggest impact in improving people’s life will emerge victorious. This year’s national level competition was held at MATRADE exhibition and Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur with a total of 24 teams competing, including our very own Enactus Uniten KSHAS(EUK).

It was an audacious moment for fellow UNITENIANs as for the second time, EUK was crown champions due to their various projects, with one of them named “PASTICHE”  where they inspired the women community in an isolated town to generate income through the selling of patched product (reusing of excess clothing to make new bags or clothings). This made the team to be able to represent Malaysia in the Enactus World Cup which will be held in Toronto, Canada.

With astonishment of their achievement, Nadi UNITEN had interview the Vice President of EUK 2016, Nurul Syahirah Quratu’ Aini binti Ahmad Azman or known as Syira. One of the highlights of the interview was her experience and her sharing of experience. “I was once the project manager where we helped blind people, where I witnessed how hard their life was. It really had an big impact on me as I realise how fortunate I am even though at times we as students feel stressed or sad due to financial, academic and basic needs constraints but actually there are people who are way less fortunate than us, and the team are often reminded of this experience to motivate themselves whenever they face any hardships or whenever they felt like giving up.” says Syira

The success achieved by EUK is indeed a refection of their hard work and dedication. This success also reflects the true meanings of “Malaysia Boleh” and “UNITEN Boleh”. We wish them all the best in their upcoming competition in Toronto, Canada.




Written by:-

Akmal Aziq bin Baharin



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