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Prof. Dr. Mohd. Zamri, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Students Affairs and Alumni(left) Dr. Mazlan Abbas and Ir. Dr. Hasril Hasini, Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering Department(right).

PUTRAJAYA, 12th JANUARY- A talk titled “Internet of Things” was organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers UNITEN (IMechE UNITEN) on the 10th January at Dewan Kuliah 1 (DK1), College of Computer Science and Information Technology(CSIT), UNITEN.

The talk was presented by Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of REDtone IoT, with special guests Prof. Dr. Mohd. Zamri bin Yusoff, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni, UNITEN and Ir. Dr. Hasril Hasini, Head of Department of the Mechanical Engineering Department, UNITEN joining the crowd.

Dr. Mazlan is the CEO of REDtone IoT and also an IoT evangelist with 30 years of experience and accomplishments in a senior management capacity.  UNITEN had signed MOU with REDtone last year to transform UNITEN into a smart campus by introducing new technology as a result of the assignment of Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB) by the government to set up an area for smart technology.

Throughout the talk, Dr. Mazlan explained about Internet of Things which has become popular in the recent years. IoT is about data connectivity and management, analytics and operational insights and connecting such insights to the business world. It consists of four main components, namely things, connectivity, data and analytics. Besides, IoT is at an inflection point as hardware price is cheap, connectivity is pervasive, development is easy to be done and continual usage of  Moore’s Law till this day. Also, because of Metcalfe’s Law “Network Effects” which support that everyone can connect to each other and gives us a lot of meaning.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of REDtone.

“IOT is becoming the reality nowadays. Because of IOT, we are able to have continuous data on certain equipment to ensure we are able to make future assumptions that are better and more accurate” said Dr. Mazlan Abbas.

He also shared the details on what should we do and understand to start IoT journey. which includes information such as importance of getting connected, understanding maturity phase, benefits, elaboration about  data and the need of continuous data in IoT. He also introduced the players in IoT which includes some big and small companies and  how IoT application contributes in our life. Dr. Mazlan who is also active in life logging, shared his experience in life logging and its benefits.

“This talk was attended by students from different courses. Although IMechE UNITEN is a mechanical engineering club, it doesn’t mean that we only focus on machines or hardware stuffs. We hope the audience will gain knowledge and exposure from this talk and share to their friends and family. Spread the importance of IoT industry. Who knows, maybe some audience have idea on IOT and can make a big money from it” said Marco Ong Kiat Teng, ex-Vice President of IMechE, UNITEN.

Group photo session



Written by: Nurul Aimi Athirah binti Juarimi and Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain




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