Hello all you wonderful people out there!

Little birdie told us we were recruiting? You heard correct! We, from Skuad Media UNITEN, EmCeeVengers and NADi, are on a mission to recruit brand new talents into joining our troops. So, if you’re into photography, writing, emceeing, designing and are interested in implementing those skills in the name of the greater good, oh boy, do we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Take a peek at the posters below (which, by the way, was designed by Skuad Media Uniten themselves!) to learn more about what we’re looking for. And, if you’re eager to get to know us even more, well, allow me to tell you!



You’ve probably seen our emcees out and about during a variety of events: UNITEN WOW, UNITEN’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, a plethora of talks, to name a few. They consist of a variety of different characters: some eager and wily, others sophisticated and soft-spoken, but all bonded under the same love to talk and talk and talk and talk.

Now, here’s a dilemma we’re facing. As seniors graduate over time, we’ve found ourselves in need for informal emcees: deejays and hosts and jokesters galore. So, if you’re all for entertaining people with your jokes and crazy lingo, you’re just what we need!

If you’re into talking or feel like it’s about time you shed those layers and step into the spotlight, come ahead! We’re all set on hiring you.

[LINK]: http://bridgeurl.com/recruitment-form-1#site1



We’re not as outgoing and talkative as our emcee counterparts, but who’s to say that we’re not as clever with our words? NADi is a small, close-knit organization of writers, those who commit themselves to the art of the pen. We cover events that occur in UNITEN because who wouldn’t want to see their event immortalized in an article (You’re welcome! ;)) and take the time to spin out short stories and poetry and opinion pieces too. And yes, we’ve had a few articles out on actual real newspapers too, so hey, we’re pretty legit!

We’re still pretty new (our first year anniversary was only last month!), so everyone who’s into writing or is willing to learn how to write is more than welcome to come ahead and join. Just write down anything to flaunt off your amazing writing skills and we’ll get back to you! Just send your piece to nadiuniten@outlook.com!

LINK: http://bridgeurl.com/recruitment-form-1#site3

Skuad Media UNITEN



We’re the more colourful, visual members of this huge family. With an eye for photography and a creative flair for design, Skuad Media UNITEN provides aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous photos, banners and the sort to ensure events everywhere are absolutely LIT. You can check out our work on our Facebook and Instagram (Skuad Media Uniten and skuad.media.uniten respectively) if you don’t believe us.

Now, if you people out there think you have it in you: that special talent to snap pictures at the just right angle with just the right lighting (or if you’ve covered the basics and are willing to learn more) or that special talent to design pleasant pieces of promotional items that’ll have people captivated, come ahead and don’t feel afraid to sign up!

LINK: http://bridgeurl.com/recruitment-form-1#site2

Any questions in your mind? Don\’t be afraid to contact us and we\’ll get to them real soon, peeps. Until then, we\’re looking forward to having you join our team! 🙂

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