Recollection Of Memories

The founder of Nadi,Mr.Khairul


In 2016 the need to produce a student-led bulletin arises from the misleading information posted on the social media in the form on unverified news and poor presentation.  A number of events by and for students back then also received very little outreach initiative; making the students does not feel ‘belong’ to the university. UNITEN through the Marketing & Corporate Communication initiated a pilot project to involve students in reporting the events of the university and students in written and multimedia format.

In the first year of the project, we received 11 news stories in the local newspaper covering the UNITEN graduation news with 3 stories in a single paper alone with our writer as the contributor. This did not include the minimum 2 news published in press every month on other UNITEN activities; increasing the outreach of UNITEN to public.

Extending this initiative and to make it exclusively for students, NADI was formed under the help of the MPP board, Skuad Media UNITEN and UNITEN MCC in 2016 and 2017. Being the first student journalist hired under this program, it is amazing to see how NADI grew from it was first seen on the drawing board in the MPP office to reality; a bulletin for the students by the students.

It is amazing to see how we can contribute to the university to  make the students feel appreciated and belong in the university.

It is amazing to hail all the glories by the students inside and outside Malaysia; to make them walk tall and proud of their achievements.

It is amazing to be behind all these; because it all started from a few written words on a single piece of paper.

Wishing NADI UNITEN best of luck in what you do and always keep pride in delivering the stories for the university

The Co-Founder of Nadi,Mr.Gan Zhi Han


NADi is seen as a start of a journalism culture in UNITEN. Never before we could imagine our university to have a one stop centre to know what’s happening around the campus.

This was my first time leading and building an organisation from scratch. I never thought I could make it through the term knowing that I was a final year student without much leadership experience back then.

Despite not having a smooth sail journey, I have gained new friendships and experience along the way. I can’t say I was the best leader, but it was definitely the best platform to bring the best out of me.

One piece of advice from me. Doing things with passion is not enough, there should be a purpose behind it. Couple these together, and you’ll be able to keep up with your own pulse.


Ex Director of Nadi,Mr.Ahmad Danial Irfan

NADi, to me, was a place for writing talents in an engineering university to gather and collectively grow as a single unit. It was a place to not only practice our skills, but to also improve and learn the craft of journalism: not only in a writing sense, but managerial also.

I learned that leading an organisation, especially one as new as NADi at the time, required a lot of involvement and commitment. We learned this together as we sailed the highs and lows as a team.

I think partaking in such an uncommon hobby for future engineers/computer scientists was what bonded us together, and the friendships that I made through NADi have lasted long after I resigned as director.

My personal advice would be to move forward together as a team. Two heads are always better than one, so can you just imagine the great potential twenty brilliant minds could harbour? I wish NADi all the best in the many, many years to come.


Content credits to,the seniors themselves

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