Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Visit by IET UNITEN

Uniten students with RTM news anchor, host – Ivan Toh

KUALA LUMPUR, 20th December – More than 30 UNITEN students learned first-hand how professional television and radio stations operate during the trip to Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) organised by IET Uniten. The purpose of this trip is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn on the operations in RTM Angkasapuri.

Arrived at 9.15 am, students were welcomed at WISMA TV, with telecommunications engineer, Puan Amirah bt Jaafar as their guide throughout the journey. Puan Amira explained on how cameras are used, and where the digital processing of image and sound is conducted.

“The exposures to this site visit rewards us with the experience and knowledge which are very helpful. I hope that all participants are able to make the most out of this visit. Perhaps one day they will work for RTM. Who knows” – says Teh Yue Kai, the programme director.

The participants were then shown on how programmes are coordinated in real time and had the chance to be on SELAMAT PAGI MALAYSIA (SPM) with lovely hosts Ivan Toh and Tazzy Faizal.  Other places include the production department of trailers we part of the programme’s agenda, where participants witnessed the creation procedure of a promotional programmes for the station.

“It was such a valuable experience to be live on SPM, and now when we watch our local media stations, we have a greater understanding of the involvement required to bring us our daily dose of news” – Deeptha, Mechanical Engineering students.

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By: Azrif Asraf Azman


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