Pro-C Programming Competition


On 19th of August, Pro C CSIT Programming Club held their 3rd annual Pro-C Programming Competition. The competition was held in College of Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) and ran from 8 am til 4 pm. A total of 30 teams of two contestants signed up for a 5-hour session of logical thinking, problem-solving, and computer skill testing where contestants are faced with 11 questions of varying difficulties, all vying for the total prize pool of RM1400 courtesy of, the official sponsor for this competition. Contestants also stood a chance for an internship opportunity with as a part of their partnership with the Pro C CSIT Programming Club.

Contestants are only given access to 1 reference book and cheat sheets of notes and were not allowed access to any personal electronic device except for the PC in the computer lab. The scoring is based on who manages to solve the fastest and also the most number of questions within the 5-hour period. The contestants were given the opportunity to use whichever programming languages such as C, C++, Java, C#, and Python, that they are comfortable with.

When asked on what do they expect from the competition, Programme Director Nazrul Affiq says \”What we are looking for is new talents within UNITEN who could represent the university in other programming competitions outside of UNITEN. We want to compete with other universities that have their own team of student programmers. And we don\’t only restrict to just CSIT students, we welcome anyone who has the skills and knowledge in programming!\”.

The competition is in its 3rd year running in Uniten and has had a successful run with The partnership with is one of a mutual benefiting nature.\’s aim in the partnership is to discover potential employees through the internship opportunity given out by them. This results in a more motivated effort by contestants who see great potential in undergoing their internship with

\”The most basic thing the contestants must have is not the proficiency in a programming language because these can be learned. The most basic thing they must have is a high level of logic, problem solving skills, and math. These three skills are important as programmer who needs to solve a programming problem logically,\” says club advisor Mr Alan Cheah, when asked about the basic skills any contestants must have when dealing with this kind of problems.


Three additional prizes were awarded to contestants in three categories, which are Best Girl, won by team Fluffy, Best Newbie by Kupo, and Flash Solver, won by team Noob. The final ranking has team Runtime Error coming in third with cash prize of RM200, second place went to the newcomers\’ team Kupo with RM300, and the grand prize of RM500 went to team Noob. The winners of all six prizes will be given the opportunity to have their internship in




When asked on how did they approach the competition, Nikhilesh Balan and Chew Jing Yao of team Noob, who managed to answer 8 out of the available 11 questions, says \”We went for the easiest questions first. The rule is that no matter what difficulty the question is in, you will still get the same points. So we work our way up from the easiest first. There were quite a few interesting questions too and we managed to answer the last one 20 minutes before the time ends, luckily,\”.

\”We gained a lot of experience from this competition and we also made new friends here that are also as obsessed as us in programming!\”

Congratulations again to the winners of Pro-C Programming Competition and good luck for your finals!


Written by: Ariff Naqiuddin Bin Abd Rahim



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