Present Your Ideas Around the World : PATW 2017 UNITEN round

The champion of IET PATW UNITEN round, Koguleshun Subramaniam

PUTRAJAYA, 17th March – The IET Uniten On Campus organized the first stage of an event, Present Around The World 2017 (PATW 2017) which commenced on 17th March 2017, 2pm at a seminar room at the 3rd floor of Administration Building, UNITEN.

PATW is a presentation competition which requires participants to present any topic related to engineering and technology for 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A session by the judges. The winner of the competition will stand a chance to compete at the national level of PATW in May, with contestants hailing from IET On Campus winners in Malaysia.

The winner of the national level will eventually represent the country to compete in the Asia Pacific region, which will be held in New Zealand this year. The global final of PATW will be held in the United Kingdom, consisting of all 5 regional winners with a grand prize of 1000 Euros.

“I personally felt that this event is a great platform for participants to showcase their presentation skills as well as their understanding in the topic they chose. It is also very beneficial for postgraduates to present about their research to see how far will their research take them in this competition.”said Teh Yue Kai, the program director of IET UNITEN PATW 2017.

The winner of PATW 2017 UNITEN round went to Koguleshun Subramaniam, which presented his topic entitled “A New Heterogeneous Catalytic Pre-treatment System For Biodiesel Production Using Malaysian Biomass Supported Catalyst”. The first and second runner ups for this competition went to Lim Jen-Kynn and Suganthi Yeesparan respectively.

“We at IET Uniten has been organizing  PATW for many years, and we are glad to say that each of our PATW participants are passionate about the topics they have researched on. I hope our representative this year, Kogulashun will be able to achieve a breakthrough at the National Level of PATW in May.” Teh added.

First runner up, Lim Jen-Kynn, whom have presented his topic “Deep Learning: Tomorrow’s IT”


Second runner up, Suganthi Yeesparan, presented her topic on “Compact Wideband Rectenna Wireless Power Transfer System For Internet Of Things Devices (IOT)”


Note : This is a courtesy of IET UNITEN


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