PPKA’s KASMA 2.0 A Success!

Participants of KASMA 2.0 were extremely happy after three days of the sports carnival.

KAJANG, January 12th – Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Amanah (PPKA) conducted ‘Karnival Sukan Kelompok Amanah 2.0’ (KASMA), a fun and exciting sports-based carnival on the 5th – 7th of January 2018 in Kelompok Amanah itself. The sports carnival was attended by over 140 participants, consisting of both students and staff members, and held tournaments for a variety of fun and unique original games. Karamjit Singh A/L Harminder Singh served as KASMA 2.0’s director and was assisted by President of Kelompok Amanah cum Deputy Director KASMA 2.0 Muhammad Amer Danial Bin Rahmat as well as the members of PPKA themselves.

Students from all backgrounds were given a fair platform to showcase their talents in all the sporting events organized. Aside from badminton and other well-known sports, unique competitions were also held such as “Lumba Motorsikal Paling Lambat”, which translates to “The Slowest Motorcycle Race”.  Despite a very diverse category of games, all of them shared something in common which was to be a fun, memorable experience for students on their weekend off whilst promoting necessary and important skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. It also served partly as a stress-reliever as the semester nears its end.

“I personally think that PPKA had done a great job in making the sports carnival a success,” said Mohamad Amirul Adli bin Abd Wahab, a contender in KASMA 2.0’s badminton tournament, “The sports carnival was interesting and exciting due to the variety of sports that students could participate in. Some of the sports like Basikal Lambat reminded me of my childhood memories.”

“Lumba Motosikal Paling Lambat” reminded participants like Amirul Adli of their childhood.

In order to liven up the atmosphere, several food trucks and vendors were invited to the event. According to Karamjit Singh, the event served as a medium for students to get to know the Fellows as well as the committee of PPKA, as the Fellows were also taking part alongside students in competitions such as the Badminton Doubles, Sepak Raga, and the Slowest Motorcycle Race.

Six main games were hosted for this year’s event, namely (followed by their winners);

1) Badminton Doubles,

1st Place: Fai Heng Bo

2nd Place: Supik Rokrak

3rd Place: Huhu

4th Place: Mo Salah (Fellows)


2) Sepak Raga,

1st Place: Thailand

2nd Place: Harimau Malaya (Fellows)

3rd Place: Regu Gula-Gula

4th Place: ABC team


3) “Timbang Raga (Berpasukan)”

1st Place: Regu Gula-Gula

2nd Place: SKSK


4) 3 vs 3 Street Football

1st Place: SKSK

2nd Place: Aa Ba Ta

3rd Place: Triple Threat FC

4th Place: Kaki Bangku FC


5) The Slowest Bicycle Race (Lumba Basikal Paling Lambat)

1st Place: Abbas

2nd Place: Muhammad Syahin

3rd Place: Nasrullah

4th Place: Kaarthigeswaran


6) The Slowest Motorcycle Race (Lumba Motorsikal Paling Lambat)

1st Place: Hussain Azmi

2nd Place: Alif Haikal

3rd Place: Daniel

4th Place: Mr. Ikmal (Fellow)

The director of KASMA 2.0, Karamjit congratulates and thanks all participants for their time and energy in making the event a success. He carried the event through the saying, “In Amanah, we always believe in being a step forward, and to be the best! If you were to be a step forward, of course you’d have to be doing your best.” He is enthusiastic and optimistic for KASMA 3.0, which is slated for next year. To quote, “It (KASMA 3.0) will be bigger, better, and more exciting!”

Though KASMA 2.0 has been described as exciting by the participants, PPKA promises an even more interesting KASMA next year.

Amer Danial, the president of Kelompok Amanah was also very pleased with KASMA 2.0, “I am so satisfied with the outcome of KASMA 2.0 because of the improvement of the festivities and the participation from the students. I hope that the students who stay in Kelompok Amanah will know each other well and live in a good atmosphere.”

He also expressed his thankfulness to the team that assisted him throughout the carnival, “To organize an event is not that easy without the cooperation of the team. The event cannot be organized if you are alone and if you do not have a leader who can give out tasks. I am very happy to have the team that successfully organized the event. There are many things that can be learnt from any events and we must try to improve towards the future. Don’t be afraid to try new things especially the things that can brings benefit to us.”

Written by: Sharmella Ramalingam and Ahmad Daniel Haziq Mahari.

Photo Source: Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Amanah

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