POV: It’s Your Vaccination Day!

You have played your part as a responsible citizen by staying home during the Movement Control Order and registering for the national vaccination program. What’s next? Herd immunity and dressing up for your vaccination day! Forget about the possible glaring eyes or your mother shaking her head at you mix-and-matching your outfit for a #cucukmyAZ OOTD (or any other available vaccines!). It’s your day and you get to have some fun while exercising your role towards a safer and healthier Malaysia. Here we will share with you some ideas on what to wear on your vaccination day to ensure a smooth-sailing process while looking your best. 1.Your favourite cotton t-shirt Whether it’s your favourite band or anime hero, bring (we mean, wear) them along on your jab day! Make sure the sleeve of the t-shirt is loose enough for you to roll up or back down to avoid discomfort later. 2.An off-shoulder top While being a classic go-to for our baddies, off-shoulder tops are also very much in trend for this vaccination season! Cute and practical, what else can you ask, really? 3.Sleeveless inner top paired with an outerwear Not much of a fan of tees? Worry not! Wear your favourite sleeveless top as it is or pair it with that jacket/cardigan you’ve been waiting for a reason to wear in Malaysia’s weather. 4.Vaccination-friendly blouse with zips (for hijabis)  A good news for my Muslim sisters is local designers have actually come up with vaccination-friendly blouses. You don’t need to roll these sleeves because guess what? They come with zippers on the side! Our favourite philosopher Plato was right; necessity *is* the mother of invention. Must-brings You’re all dressed up now and heading towards the door. Maybe take a quick look first on what else you should bring to the vaccination centre. 1.Phone (MySejahtera app) The MySejahtera app needs no further introduction as it has become a part of our lives ever since the pandemic made its way in the country. Whether you have an appointment or going for a walk-in, you need to have the application installed for record purposes. 2.Pen Your vaccination centre does provide pens, but it is advised to bring your own to minimize the risk and prevent cross-contamination. 3.Hand sanitizer How can we forget one of our weapons to combat the virus? Sure, almost every entry point of a premise provides one but hey, it’s good to have one handy with you especially if it’s your favourite peach-scented one! 4.Vaccination card (for second dose) For your first dose, you will be receiving a vaccination card containing information such as your details, date of dose, type of vaccine and venue of administration. Be sure to bring along this card on the day of your second dose. Although these details will be updated and reflected on the MySejahtera application as well, it’s good to have another form of physical proof lest you encounter a technical problem with the app. After Your Vaccination After receiving your vaccination, you may notice a slight pain or discomfort on the injection site. More side effects may appear within 12 to 48 hours of receiving the vaccine and is a natural part of the vaccination process. Common side effects are:
  • pain, swelling, tenderness, redness or itching at the injection site
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • muscle pain
  • nausea
  • fever and chills
  • feeling unwell
  • joint pain.
You may also experience less common side effects such as:
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • pain in limb
  • dizziness
  • decreased appetite
  • stomach pain
  • vomiting
However, if you are experiencing prolonged pain or side effects, do seek immediate medical attention at a nearby hospital or clinic. You’ve checked everything on the list? See? It’s not going to be that hard. What matters most is playing our part towards herd immunity so that we can return to our old routines while practicing the new normal. Let’s get that dose! Written by: Nur Lailatul Qadriah Binti Abdullah, Mathenarubeni Sinappan

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