The First Step To A New Beginning


KAJANG, 5th October – An approximate sum of over 200 students have registered for the October 2017/2018 intake in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Putrajaya Campus on the 30th September 2017. In order to welcome the new students to their brand new campus life, they were welcomed with their orientation which took place at the UNITEN Student Centre throughout the span of three days, from 2nd October to 4th October.

New students registered to start over a brand new life in UNITEN.

The objective of the orientation week was to help the students to adapt to their new university. In an effort to ensure they were well-informed, the three-day program was filled with sessions educating them on various matters, inclusive of introductory remarks from related departments, information regarding financial assistance and sponsorships, UNITEN’s code of conduct, Students Activities Online Reporting System as well as subject registration.

In order to ease the flow of activities, students were divided according to respective groups and masses. In teams, students were required to go through thrilling ice-breaking sessions, a tour around the campus as well as many other exciting activities to form friendships as well as to build up the bonds between them.

At the end of the orientation, students were required to take their vows and swear an oath in order to fully join UNITEN.

Swearing their oaths, the new students of October 2017/2018 successfully joined us as students of UNITEN.

“The orientation was superb. Even though the students were quite shy at first, towards the end they were all active and friendly and making new friends,” commented one of the facilitators, Luqman Haziq bin Ramli, “The flow of the program also ran very smoothly as the students cooperated well in listening to orders. I hope they will excel in their studies and achieve success in the future.”

Nik Ahmad Haikal Ashraf Bin Nik Zulkefli, one of the new students who we interviewed, described UNITEN as the best place to start over his dream. “Since my first dream was a huge mistake, I believe that people deserve the chance to start over and have a new beginning. Failing once doesn’t mean that I’ll fail forever, right? Therefore, I see UNITEN as my starting point to go further, be better. As for hopes and dreams, I hope that I will graduate with first class honours thus becoming a successful person in the future.”

New students and facilitators alike messing around and having fun.

Another student that was interviewed by our team, Sumayyah Binti Abdullah, commented that she had a good impression towards UNITEN since the very beginning when she first arrived here. “Everyone was so kind, friendly and helpful whenever I asked for help. I hope that I’ll make a lot of friends who’ll help each other to strive for excellence. Hopefully I can do my very best in academics and also activities in joining voluntary and social activities here. Also I hope that my dream of becoming a great electrical power engineer under TNB will come true one day.”

Welcome to UNITEN!


We, from NADi, warmly welcome all the new intake students to UNITEN and may success be with you!


Written By: Aliya Nur Najieha binti Husain Ahmad

Photo Source: Universiti Tenaga Nasional – UNITEN and Uniten Orientation Program – Putrajaya Campus

Special Thanks To: Luqman Haziq bin Ramli

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