One World Culture 2016-A Uniting Melody


PUTRAJAYA, 16 November 2016-The air vibrates with the sound of cheering from the audience on  the 12th and 13th of November 2016 as they anticipate their favorite singers to come out of the curtains. Backstage, the jumbled feelings of nervousness, excitement and joy pumped Faisal AbdulRizak\’s heart. The singer dreamed of this moment. As the curtain opens, the light shines directly onto him. Seeing the crowds cheer, his heart fills with passion and spirit. He sings his heart out and gives it his all. The songs ends, he bows and leaves the stage without knowing just how much he had touched everyone. 

As the competition comes to a close, he is surprised as his name, Faisal Abdulrizak is called for winning 2nd runner up in the International Student Category for the One World Culture 2016 in Putrajaya.

Faisal is one of the singers representing UNITEN, competing with singers all around the world in the International category at the One World Culture singing competition held in Putrajaya. Faisal who is of Moroccan descent, does not speak fluent Malay. Ironically, Faisal was required to sing a Malay song in the competition. Faisal, determined to rise up to the challenge, decided to choose the Malay song \”Mewangi\” by Akim and the Magistrate.


When asked by our reporter, Daniel, on why he chose that song, aside from it\’s great melody and how he managed to pull it off, he replied, \”In our test 1,(the task) is to sing a Malay song so the song that I have chose (for the task) was \”Mewangi\”. It is the same song (that I have chosen prior to the competition) so it was easier for me to memorize (it) because I had sung it before\”.

He added, \”it was quite a difficult song because you see Akim has a really high note and it (is) quite difficult to reach it. The first time when I did the song was during studying the Malay language. (Initially) I didn\’t do that well because I couldn\’t reach that high note, I couldn\’t reach that tone but Alhamdulillah this time we managed to do it.\”.

Faisal was not alone in his effort as he had help from the UNITEN staff, the Vice Chancelor of UNITEN, Dato\’ Professor Ir Dr Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha, and Associate Professor Dr. Zuraidah binti Ali. He was extremely grateful for all of their help and support and also to all of those who has supported him during the competition.

The victory achieved by Faisal is proof that with determination,hard work and self-belief in one\’s ability everything is possible no matter the obstacle. Faisal had never joined any major singing competition before but, with great determination and hard work, was able to achieve the seemingly impossible.


Congratulations Faisal on leaving your mark in the One World Culture 2016 Singing Competition, Nadi wishes you the best in all your upcoming efforts and thanks you for making UNITEN proud.

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Written by:-

Akmal Aziq bin Baharin





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