Of Modules,Team Building and Great Food!

SEREMBAN, 28th February – Held at Klana Resort, Seremban, a total of a hundred and two students including trainers were given a warm welcome as they walked into the resort for a three day leadership workshop. The event began at 4pm with a short introductory speech by the current President of Student Representative Council for term 19/20, Mr Anas Irfan. He briefly walked through the itinerary before handing it over to Hafiz Roslee, member of the Program Bureau, who gave a thorough talk on the do’s and don’ts of the workshop. Tea was soon served before proceeding to the ice breaking sessions. The sessions included a fun twist on the age-old recipe activity and combined fun with balloons (DISCLAIMER: No human was harmed in the process). Groups were formed consisting of random individuals who, albeit, not knowing one another, forged a strong bond by the end of the workshop. The first day was officiated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs, Alumni & Management) of UNITEN, Prof. Dato’ Ts Dr. Mohd. Zamri Yusoff before proceeding to a session led by Puan Hawa Bte Shamsudin, who explained the importance of protocol in handling an event and graciously answered questions that were shot at her.

The following day started with an energetic boost of aerobic exercise which was accompanied by good music. The trainers who had rehearsed the moves prior to the workshop led the session successfully. Soon after, the day began with a string of modules which required both mental and physical strength that were evidently present among all the leaders. The modules included a session in which teams had to come up with a transport system for UNITEN (outrageous results!), kicking a ball to its goal while blindfolded and being in a team with members faking disabilities as part of the module. The evening ended with an interactive module by the pool in which team members had to fish out ping pong balls from a U-tube pipe. After dinner, a talk was given by Mr Mohd Shariffbudin Mohd Nor, Manager, Student Development & Residence of UNITEN on the nitty-gritty of event management. Right after, the President of last term’s Student Representative Council, Amer Danial, proceeded to give a few words on leadership. As usual, questions were asked to clear doubts. Before the crowd settled in for the night after a light supper, Madam Tan Chin Hung graced us with her warm words on managing an event and even shared her experience of being a liaison officer.

The final day started off with a hearty breakfast for all participants (Food being one of the most revered after component of the entirety of the workshop) before proceeding to an events’ management related explorace. Each trainer had their respective checkpoints in which important departments in UNITEN were discussed, especially on the procedures of dealing with a particular department. Most teams managed to finish off all checkpoints but some did not as time was not on their favour. After a quick break, the closing ceremony was in schedule, attended by Mr Mohd Shariffbudin Mohd Nor as the guest of honour. All teams were given hampers and many pictures were taken by none other than the photographers from Skuad Media UNITEN. The workshop ended with the emcees from EmceeVengers signing off after a whole three-day emceeing stint. A great lunch was served before all participants headed back to UNITEN via buses.


Written by Rayvathi Theivindran (NADi)

Photo Source: Kareena Balan, Arrunaan Asokan (Skuad Media UNITEN)

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