Nur Aiman Makes It Through to Nationals for Maybank Go Ahead Challenge!

One of the four students who qualified in his campus-level round, Aiman is amazed at the opportunity given to him.

SUBANG JAYA, 12th June – Nur Aiman bin Zainuddin, a third year major in Electrical Power Engineering, has just launched himself into the national rounds of the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC).  MGAC is comprised of multiple rounds and is being held concurrently in various universities across the globe. One of the four finalists selected for his campus-level round in Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus, Nur Aiman is now one step closer to reaching the global finals.

MGAC is a challenging competition that pushes students to the limit by providing cases and scenarios to be solved by students and judging them based upon how they ultimately respond. “It was difficult,” reported Nurkhaireen Syamim binti Alizan, a UNITEN student who also participated in MGAC 2018 Campus-Level alongside Aiman, “It was a huge clash of opinions between ambitious, outspoken strangers trying to tackle the challenges in their own way. Speaking out and being heard was hard enough.”

Aiman, who claims he has very little experience when it comes to business competitions, was both shocked and delighted at his advancement into the nationals. “My friends and I came with no expectations of achieving anything. Our only intention was to gain as much new knowledge as possible,” said Aiman through a phone interview.

Aiman, alongside the other members of Team Preeminence, had won fast pass tickets to MGAC after being crowned champions in the Malaysia Qualifying Rounds of ICAEW Malaysia Regional Business Challenge 2018. Thankful for the opportunity given to him, Aiman commented, “If it wasn’t for ICAEW, I would not have joined MGAC, or any other competitions in fact. ICAEW helped me to realize that I have the potential to go beyond the classroom and do other things.”

Aiman and his friends celebrating the occasion at Seoul Garden, after receiving the news.

Despite majoring in engineering, Aiman managed to pull through the business, economics and politics oriented MGAC with flying colours. “Don’t be scared,” said Aiman, “Most skills and traits that we learn from solving engineering problems can be used to solve the issues given in MGAC. Just be confident, do your research and don’t crack under pressure.”

Aiman is more excited than ever as he counts down the days till the national rounds taking place in Kajang. We from NADi UNITEN would like to wish Aiman all the best in achieving even greater feats in the national rounds of MGAC. We sincerely hope you will make it to the global rounds and make yourself, your family and UNITEN proud.

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

Edited by: Rayden Sia Zhen Ron

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