New Chapters of Life : February Intake 2016/17

Part of the new students

PUTRAJAYA, 14th February – The orientation programme for February intake 2016/17 took place on 13th and 14th February 2017, with registration of new students took place on 11th to 13th February 2017. Both events happened at the UNITEN Administrative Building with approximately 100 students embracing their new journey in this university.

Throughout the programme, students were briefed on various dos and don’ts as well as introductory remarks from related departments in UNITEN. Among the agenda during the first day were subject registration, academic workshops, Students Activities Online Reporting System (SCORUN), codes of conduct in UNITEN, loans, sponsorship and finance and more.

“I’m happy with this 2-day orientation programme as everything went smoothly although it’s just a small intake. Throughout the two days, students will be briefed on important information which helps the students upon beginning their new journey in UNITEN. I’m glad with the cooperation given by all facilitators despite the programme fell on a semester break. At the same time, I’m quite sad because this will be my last involvement with the orientation programme after 3 years” said orientation mass leader, Mahira Amanina.

The orientation programme adjourned the following day, which was hosted with introductory remarks by each respective colleges in UNITEN followed by registration of subjects for the upcoming Special Semester. The orientation programme ended at 6:30 p.m.

“I hope for the new students to be active and to forge new relationships throughout their university life. I also hope that they attempt to join various activities in order to gain life experiences too.” said orientation facilitator, Kareem Sherif Mostafa Hassan Ibraheem.

Briefing sessions during the orientation programme


Written by : Akmal Aziq bin Baharin

Edited by : Gan Zhi Han

Photo source : Universiti Tenaga Nasional – UNITEN Facebook page and orientation facilitators







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