NADi’s Running Man Game Night (Discord Edition)

On February 27th 2021 at 8:50pm, NADi held a game night event for its club members. It was held on NADi’s discord server where we can communicate with each other easily. The game was simple, it is similar to the popular online game Among Us where there are imposters and crewmates in a spaceship. The imposter’s job is to sabotage the crewmates’ tasks and prevent them from completing it. On our game night there’s no spaceship however, we have 3 imposters in the discord chat. Each team is paired with 2 people hence we have no clue whether our partner is a crewmate or an imposter. The crewmates goal is to play activities or games to earn points and try to win in first place while the imposters will try to prevent the crewmates earning points and make them end up in the last 3 places.

First thing we did was doing some ice breaking activity and getting to know each member in the discord chat. The first activity was to pinpoint our birth place and then tell everyone about ourselves. Once it is done, the game night begins. The first game is the classic hangman game where each team has to guess the words by picking a letter. Each team is cautious on choosing their letter and the imposter will try to deceive their partner from choosing the wrong letter. Some of the words are difficult to guess since they are references from a book or video games. One of the toughest words is a simple bathroom utility, jacuzzi. That word has made all the teams puzzled for a moment until they were given a hint. Another one is a motivational phrase that no one heard in a while and took us some time to figure it out.

Following on to the next game which is a song guessing game. After a little bit of technical issues, the game commenced with everyone guessing after an instrumental of a song was played for about half a minute. The 15 songs went by in a breeze as all the teams shouted out their answer to the songs they recognized (and didn’t!). The winners of the game would not only receive points but also a hint on who could possibly be the imposter. However, they were given the choice on whether or not to share the info with everyone.

The last event for the night was to finally vote on who the imposter is. Everyone received a link to a google form and placed their votes on three people who they suspected to be the imposter. The reveal started off with everyone revealing the paper where they wrote the role assigned to them on. After an unexpected turn of events, the people who were least suspected turned out to be the imposters. The event then closed with the imposters revealing their secret extra tasks and closing statements from the NADi president.

Written by:

Nurul Amanina binti Naushad & Muhamad Aiman Bin Sahharon

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